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Dear Ladies,

In many countries it will not be long now until the long summer break. Families around the world are looking forward to spending a couple of free days or weeks with their children, going on trips, travelling on holiday, just relaxing and much more.

Dear Ladies,

a call for help has reached us from the wonderful wilds of Canada, specifically from British Columbia. A lovely family is looking for support for the 20 year old daughter as soon as possible. The originally anticipated Granny had to cancel due to health reasons. A family from London as well as a family from South-West Germany are also looking forward to welcoming a loving temporary Granny in July!

Dear Ladies,

after Mother’s Day and Father’s Day many nations now celebrated Children’s Day on June 1st. A good idea, which originated at the Geneva world conference for the well-being of children in 1925. In 1954 the United Nations commissioned the children’s aid organisation UNICEF with the arrangement of a World Children’s Day to be celebrated internationally. The day still takes place worldwide on different days, for instance at the beginning of June.

Dear Ladies,

you have nothing on for August as yet? How would it be to be a sitter for a house near Hamburg for four weeks and to look after two lovely cats? With a bonus of 450 Euros (Minijob) on top. An animal loving couple would be ideal. Gardening experience would be preferred as well as some technical knowledge and good common sense.

Dear Families,

In many countries it is not long now until the long summer break and families around the world are looking forward to spending a couple of days or weeks off with their children, going on excursions, travelling on holiday, simply relaxing and much more. Holidays are a great time for children - and for parents too, if they do not have to work