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A call for aid has now reached us from the desert state of Arizona in the south west of the USA, specifically from its capital Phoenix, where a loving  family is looking for  a life experienced, nature- and animal-loving Granny as soon as possible to support them with caring for their two little boys.

Have you always wanted to travel to the States, especially to the beautiful south west? Fancy a spontaneous journey? Or just want to help? If you can imagine a stay in Phoenix, we would be pleased if you contact the family.

Dear Granny, dear Family,

Easter is the celebration of spring, the time where nature awakes to new life all around! And we humans start new enterprises with energy and fresh courage! Why not try out something completely different? Travel the world as a temporary grandmother and discover how nice it is to find a new home abroad. Or re-organise your daily life as a family: An au pair Granny brings a wealth of life experience into your family and relieves you with regard to daily child care. What are you waiting for?

Dear Ladies,

For a long time scientists assumed that the development of the brain is completed with the adult age and that we only “deteriorate” mentally during the further course of our lives. But far from it! Studies now show that new nerve connections are formed by learning processes even in advanced age.

Dear Families,

Anyone with grandparents in the immediate vicinity, who like to take care of the grandchildren, can count themselves lucky. But what if this is not the case? It is already enough that mothers are often disadvantaged when they return to the working world; They should not also have to worry about childcare the whole day.

Dear Ladies,

Finally the time has arrived where you want to go outside, out into the air and out into the wide world and maybe even surpass yourself. Spring is the time for renewal, everything is sprouting, growing, thriving.

Dear Ladies,

Beautiful journeys are very high on the wish list of the older target group, according to a summary of the International Tourism Fair ITB, which was recently held in Berlin. Many over fifty-year-olds are so fit they also have the confidence to travel to more exotic destinations.

Dear Ladies,

Exploring new regions far from beaten tourist tracks and package tours. Enjoying delicious local dishes in a family circle. Experiencing other cultures and daily life close up. Not only young people, more and more of the “older generation” would like to get to know other countries away from tourist strongholds.

Dear Families,

Anyone who has children and wants to have a career or even aims to be self-employed is dependent on help in order to juggle everything. There is always too little time, so you should seize the chance if a reliable person offers to help with childcare.