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  1. Our Grannies prepare your children for the future
    To learn German or another foreign language is getting more and more important. Languages enable your children a good start in an economically uncertain future.
  2. Our Grannies still know Goethe
    Our au pair-grannies are educated and cultivated ladies. Many of them are former teachers. With their help you playfully familiarize your children with cultural values beyond computer games and TV series.
  3. Mary Poppins was yesterday - Granny Aupair is today!
    Our Grannies aren’t outdated nannies. They are open, fun-loving and fit women aged 50plus, who aren’t on the scrapheap yet. They are equipped with invaluable experience from a life lived fully and want to give their social skills a fresh start.
  4. Our Grannies have a sense of tact

    Young people often still lack prudence and sensitivity, which is often acquired by life experience. Our Grannies can judge if it is better to hold back or take over the reins. They can talk, but also keep silent and strike the right note.

  5. Our Grannies are there, when you have to go
    Life today is full of challenges: Children, career, relationship, friends, hobbies, and everything is to be mastered successfully! To meet all these requirements is no easy task. An au pair-granny helps you keep your life in balance.

  6. Our Grannies scare away all monsters!
    Many of our au pair-grannies have raised their own children. They know the small ruses and tricks to comfort children, cheer them up and bring smiles to their faces. They care for the little personalities with patience and love.

  7. Our Grannies win every playground Olympic
    Fit and happy instead of rusty and grumpy: our best agers meet all challenges a life with children brings with it. As anyone starting on a trip as a Granny is not only light on her feet but also open, tolerant and up to new experiences.

  8. Our Grannies are friends – not mothers-in-law
    Not only the children love their au pair-granny. Many mothers as well stay in contact with „their“ Granny following the au pair-stay. Often she becomes a motherly friend and is a “replacement” if the own family lives far away.

  9. Our Grannies divulge their secret recipes
    What can be more delicious than Grandma’s Sunday roast? How lovely it is to arrive home with the whole place smelling of freshly baked cake? Many of our Grannies are true masters of the stove!

  10. You will love her!
    Nearly all our families tell us about how sad children and parents were when the Granny had to leave: This form of private childcare is irreplaceable. Often there is a reunion and mutual visits. And in many families one Granny is quickly followed by a second one…