This is what I can do as a Granny

The children have left home, your retirement has been appropriately celebrated, the cellar is tidied up, the garden shipshape – now what? Restart your life with Granny Aupair and make your dream of living abroad come true! Be it as an au pair in a family, as a co-worker in a social project, as a housesitter or a companion - with Granny Aupair you can choose your own personal adventure.

There are four different ways to travel abroad with us:

  1. As Granny Aupair in a family

    You look after the children in a family and receive free board and lodging in return.

  2. Companion in the oldfashioned sense of the word.

    You keep an elderly person abroad company and receive free board and lodging in return.

  3. As housesitter

    You look after the house, where you can live for free,  during a longer period of absence of the owner.

  4. As a Granny in a social project

    As a volunteer in a social project you support the World’s poorest people with your expertise and your commitment.

As Granny Aupair in a family


Children have flown the nest
As a Granny Aupair in a family you can broaden your horizon

The desire to travel knows no age limits! And thus not only young girls can profit from the au pair concept, but also seasoned women aged 50 plus.
Our Grannies take the pressure off the family they live with. They play, paint, bake or sing with the children. A Granny Aupair takes the children to school or kindergarten and helps with the homework. As a “temporary” Grandma she shares the joys of everyday life with the children in her charge and is the capable person to whom the kids will turn when they have worries or problems.

Experience the development of children first-hand

In return a Granny Aupair gets free room and board and the unique opportunity to explore the way of life of a foreign country and learn its language. Unlike a tourist you can gain deep insights into the soul of a culture. There are so many good reasons to seize the chance!

Granny as a Companion


As a companion you bestow your time

Be it the very old grandmother of a family in Namibia, residents of German descent in a nursing home or the disabled elderly gentleman in Canada – they all enjoy conversations or walks with a German speaking companion or like being read to in German.





Become a part of the day-to-day life abroad

As a companion you will soon become an integral part of the day-to-day life of a single or frail person. Especially for many older people with German roots it becomes increasingly important to share their memories of a childhood and youth in Germany once more. Buried language and cultural identity can thus be revived. Grannies who explore foreign countries as companions learn a lot about the history and culture of a country and its inhabitants. Gain insights and experience that no guidebook can offer!

Granny as a Housesitter


As a housesitter you live, where other people go on holiday

You do not necessarily need to take care of children to experience the adventure of staying abroad. Travel to a foreign country and get to know the daily life – as a housesitter!

Housesitting is a matter of trust – therefore women over 50 are specially sought after when it comes to trusting a stranger with your home.

Explore another country free and independently

 As a housesitter you look after the house and all that goes along with it while the owners are on vacation or abroad for a longer period of time. You water the flowers, keep the house and the garden tidy, care for the pets, tend to the mail and answer the phone. Which chores exactly you are expected to do is to be discussed with the homeowner in person. In exchange you live for free in a private home in a country where other people spend their vacations!

Our social projects –help which really comes across!

The experiences and profound skills of the generation 50plus are needed and can make the world a bit better for other people. Offer your help as a volunteer in our social projects!