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Granny Aupair Experiences

Granny Au pair Experiences

This is what our members say

Here our Grannies and families tell us about their personal experiences with Granny Aupair. Be inspired by Cambodian weddings, given away cuddly toys and lucky meetings!

"During the first conversation I already realised that this is my family"
Granny Sigrid tells about her stay in Atlanta

Sehr geehrtes Granny-Aupair Team,

Seit vergangenem Donnerstag bin ich von einem Granny-Einsatz wieder zuhause.

Mitte/Ende Juli diesen Jahres flatterte wieder mal ein Newsletter von Granny-Au-pair in meinen Posteingang mit der Überschrift: Familie in Atlanta wartet auf Sie! Es war wie ein Ruf, dem ich mich nicht entziehen konnte.

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„The Granny experience is not only a cultural encounter but a unique human encounter that is warm and full courageous exploration“
Tips from a Granny experienced Family from Abu Dhabi

Living with a Granny Aupair

Living with a Granny has been a very pleasant experience so far, however the main challenge could be in making sure that everyone is enjoying their privacy. On our first Granny experience, the Granny used to come to our private spaces like bedrooms and study rooms. Her intentions were good and it was her first Granny experience so we didn’t take it personally.

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"Es ist ein schönes Gefühl, gebraucht zu werden"
Granny Gisela schreibt aus Irland

Liebe Michaela Hansen und Granny Aupair Team!

Ich möchte Ihnen schreiben, wie glücklich ich darüber bin, auf die Möglichkeit gekommen zu sein, als Granny Aupair ins Ausland zu gehen. Seit einem halben Jahr bin ich bei einer sehr netten Familie in Dublin mit zwei kleinen Kindern.

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"Every day we are grateful anew"
Greetings from a mother from Dublin

Dear Granny Aupair-Team,

you have sent us a jewel with Gisela. She has a great way of dealing with our children and supports us very much. Every day we are grateful anew.

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"It will be the adventure of a lifetime"
Granny Heidi is looking forward to New Zealand

Dear Granny Aupair Team,

I will be flying to Gisborne on 24.6.19 and stay with E. and her family until the end of the year. Then my daughter will join me and we will be discovering the North Island by car for 1 month.

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"Thank you for this great idea!"
Longterm Granny family from Dubai

What a sweet idea! Today a loyal Granny Aupair Family sent us this photo (on the right). Seven years lie betwen the left, from our website, and the one on the right.

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"Ich werde auf jeden Fall bald Granny-aupair werden"
Granny Margit über den Workshop

Hallo Frau Dörwaldt!
Ich bedanke mich für den sehr informativen Tag. Für mich war es sehr interessant und ich hatte viel Spaß, dank ihrem gutem Vortrag.

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"Nearly 10 years and 7 countries"
Granny Lily on her last placement

Dear Mrs Hansen,
do you remember me, I have been at Granny Aupair since 2011. It seems that I have arrived at my last family, as I will be 80 in December.

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"It is a very special experience"
Post from Granny Annette from California

Dear Granny Aupair-Team,

best wishes from California. I wanted to send a short message that I was warmly welcomed by the very nice H. family. The trip went very well.

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“Let's see where my next Granny mission will take me!”
Granny Birthe was in Scotland and in the USA

My first Granny stay took me to Scotland in winter. It was a great experience, a nice family with three small children and cold.

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