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Women over the age of 50

Women over the age of 50

10 reasons why you should seize the chance


  1. You’ve never been to New York? What’s keeping you!
    Fulfill your travel dream with Granny Aupair – uncomplicated and affordable. And you will experience much more than a tourist!
  2. While we’re sitting here in the dark, the sun is rising in Australia
    There are always two sides to the same coin. Expand your horizon and discover what’s beyond it.
  3. The world is waiting for you!
    Find out what it’s like to be needed. Be it small children in a family or needy people in poor countries – you can give them such a lot!
  4. Great voyage instead of day-trips
    You are probably well-travelled. But have you already been a guest at a Cambodian wedding? Go beyond your personal boundaries and fulfill your own personal dream. It’s within your grasp!
  5. You’re still waiting for grandchildren? We have a whole bag full!
    Many of our Grannies would like to experience small childrens‘ development from up close, but grandchildren are not yet on the horizon. Granny Aupair helps you to experience that Granny feeling!
  6. Dull everyday routine? Life is so full of colour.
    Life has so much more to offer that our daily grind. Just venture forth!
  7. Discover the world – and yourself
    Undertaking a trip to foreign parts is always also a trip to find oneself. Even aged 50plus you can still discover new aspects of yourself.
  8. End of the line?!
    Not at all! The life of many of our Grannies changes after the au pair-stay. They receive more courage to face life and return with revitalized energy.
  9. When I´m 64…
    Your life experience will open new doors. Find out that you own a treasure, which young people do not possess.
  10. You won’t regret it!
    Whatever you will experience during your personal adventure with Granny Aupair – the encounters and experiences will fortify you and give you a new perspective.