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Dear families, dear Grannies,

in times like these, we would like to send some positive thoughts around the world. As you may know, Granny Aupair is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2020. In these ten years so many wonderful things have happened and beautiful friendships between Grannies and families have developed and we would like to review some of them here.

Dear families, dear Grannies,

a virus is crippling the world right now. It makes us pause and shows each individual what is personally really important to him or her. Staying healthy, being outside - travelling.

Dear Grannies,
dear families,

The coronavirus (Covid-19) is keeping the world on tenterhooks. Many areas of life are now affected by it. Sadly, Granny Aupair is also not immune to the virus and its effects. Almost all countries have now imposed temporary entry bans or quarantine measures. This currently makes the cultural exchange with Granny Aupair very difficult.

Dear Ladies,

Plans provide security, but spontaneity makes you happy. You notice this when you spontaneously have a coffee with someone. To be able to do something unplanned, without needing a sufficient reason, just like that, is not only an essential key to success, but also the secret of happiness in life.

Dear Ladies,

To live life to the full to the very last minute, true to the motto “It is never too late to start something new” that’s the guideline of Andreas Kruse, Director of the Institute of Gerontology at the University of Heidelberg and one of the best-known gerontologists in Germany.