The Granny Aupair-Workshop


Generation 50plus
Clarity, assurance, dreams – that’s what the Granny Aupair-Workshop is about

At the Granny Aupair-Workshop you fortify your personality and harmonize your dreams and doubts accompanied by a professional trainer. Together with other women you prepare yourself for the adventure of travelling abroad as a Granny Aupair.

In the workshop the Granny Aupair project is examined through the eyes of the Grannies. What does it mean for you personally? What expectations do you have? In a circle of confidence you can exchange your thoughts and feelings. Together with other women you will gain new insights and back each other up. You can talk about your expectations, hopes and fears freely and honestly.

Together you receive clarity and assurance

The next dates in 2019

  • Februar 9th 2019
  • März 9th 2019
  • Mai 18th 2019
  • August 3rd 2019
  • Oktober 19th 2019
  • November 16th 2019


When, where, how much?

  • Time: From 12:00 until 18:00 p.m. respectively
  • Location: Guest House Hamburg University, Rothenbaumchaussee 34, 20148 Hamburg
  • Small groups: 8-12  participants
  • Language: German
  • Attendance fee incl. beverages and lunch snack: 130  € per person
  • Complete price for workshop and info event: 145 €  - You save 10 €
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The trainer

Katrin Dörwaldt Personal Trainer

Der Workshop wird von der Trainerin Katrin Dörwaldt durchgeführt. Sie ist zertifizierte Trainerin und Coach und arbeitet seit über 20 Jahren im internationalen Umfeld.
„Ein erfolgreicher Auslandsaufenthalt hängt von vielen Faktoren ab. Unterschätzt wird jedoch häufig die Bedeutung von interkultureller Kompetenz“, so Katrin Dörwaldt.


The workshop is conducted by the trainer Katrin Dörwaldt. She is certified trainer and coach and has been working in an international environment for more than 20 years.
"A successful stay abroad depends on many factors. However, the importance of intercultural competence is often underestimated," says Katrin Dörwaldt.

This is what participants say

"Ich werde auf jeden Fall bald Granny-aupair werden"

Granny Margit über den Workshop

Hallo Frau Dörwaldt! Ich bedanke mich für den sehr informativen Tag. Für mich war es sehr interessant und ich hatte viel Spaß, dank ihrem gutem Vortrag.
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„The workshop completely fulfilled my expectations.“

Inge, participant in the Granny Aupair-Workshop

„I want to thank Mrs. Hansen and Mrs. Konrad as well as all workshop participants very much for the interesting day in pleasant surroundings in Hamburg."
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„We were a great round of women’s power!“

Gabriele, participant in the Granny Aupair-Workshop

"Not only the atmosphere in the beautiful historic rooms was very pleasant, but also that we got to know each other personally. It was important to me to get to know the "other women ", those with the same ideas in mind and heart, similar plans or prospects for the future."
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"At the end of the workshop I was encouraged to break new ground.”

Heike, participant in a Granny Aupair-Workshop

“Granny Aupair’s info event and the subsequent workshop pleased me very much. The atmosphere was pleasant and harmonious."
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„The trip to Hamburg was really worth it.“

Sigrid , participant in a Granny Aupair-Workshop

"I like to think of Hamburg, of travelling into the distance to an unknown place and a meeting with people who are somehow familiar beforehand, as I was able to get to know the Granny Aupair team and all the other dear people interested."
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