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Dear Ladies,

To live life to the full to the very last minute, true to the motto “It is never too late to start something new” that’s the guideline of Andreas Kruse, Director of the Institute of Gerontology at the University of Heidelberg and one of the best-known gerontologists in Germany.

Dear Ladies,

The New Year and it’s resolutions are still fresh in our minds. And all around the world the New Year is still not finished: January 25th, for example, saw the beginning of Chinese New Year, this time with the Year of the Rat.

Happy 10th Birthday, Granny Aupair!

The last 10 years have seen many thousands of women travelling to over 50 countries around the world with Granny Aupair

Hamburg, January 2020 - In the beginning it was a dream: Wouldn't it be wonderful if life experienced women of the generation 50 plus could set out into the world and overcome
national borders, language barriers and cultural hurdles?

Dear families, dear Grannies,

10 years of Granny Aupair – how time flies! 2020 is our anniversary year, which we want to celebrate with you. Throughout this year we would like to inform you about our work, give you a look behind the scenes, present a few of our Grannies and families and their experiences and...and...and...

Time flies by: Granny Aupair is already ten years old! We are the link between Grannies and families for a decade now. Thanks to everyone who believes in us!

Dear Ladies,

The new decade is still brand new and there is still time to devote yourself to New Year’s resolutions with vim and vigour. Have you already made plans? Do you want to take a further education course, plan a sabbatical, improve your language skills, lose weight, do more sports, go on a trip?