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Dear Ladies,

Christmas is just round the corner – Santa Claus and his helpers have their hands full at the moment. All around the world they will be visiting our Grannies and families. And naturally they also have a present for you.

Dear Families,

Our Granny Aupair community is constantly growing – and we are very pleased about that! We have already been able to place several thousand Grannies in over 50 countries. Granny Aupair is a little adventure for everyone involved.

Dear Ladies,

The older you are, the less willing you are to change? This certainly does not apply to most of the generation aged 50 to 75. One-third of this age group would like to risk something new at an older age or have already started something new (according to a forsa survey commissioned by the Koerber Foundation).

Dear Ladies,

We are very pleased – the Granny Aupair community is growing continuously! All around the world families are looking for a loving temporary Granny to give them a hand. In order to make your search quickly lead you towards your dream destination, we want to give a few useful tips we have collected in our nearly nine years experience.

Dear Ladies,

A grandmother is a wonderful enrichment for family life. She cooks lunch for the offspring while the parents are at work. She reads exciting stories aloud! And she comforts their little aches and pains or their first heartache.