Our philosophy


Senior Citizens Abroad
Grannies give time, love and comfort

Our philosophy is about cultural exchange. We offer adventurous, independent, energetic and experienced women over 50 the chance to go abroad for a longer period of time. Our grannies experience a foreign country off the beaten tourist track.

And our families profit from the „more“ of experience our Grannies bring with them. They ease the daily life of our families, give love and comfort We connect people worldwide who otherwise would have never met.

The „more“ of experience


To get to know each other, exchange views, make friends

Granny-Aupair is not an employment agency. The word "au-pair" comes from the French and means „mutual“. We see our initiative founded in orginal sense of the word.

As a Granny you live with a family or work on a social project and you are integrated into the daily life of a foreign culture. Language barriers, different customs and mentalities must be mastered mutually. But the challenge also provides the opportunity to develop and learn something new about yourself!