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Jennifer from Canada describes her Granny experience

"It's like an infusion of family wisdom and caring."

Having a Granny Aupair has been such a blessing in so many ways. When I was first looking for an Aupair and then found Granny Aupair, I was thinking mainly about our 16 month old and how he gets so frustrated when I can't take him outside just when I'm starting dinner. Well, he has loved having his Oma take him for walks and he has made huge developmental progress thanks to the many playgroup visits they have made, but a huge benefit has also been for me, just to have someone HERE. For me. As soon as she arrived I relaxed. It's like I've been missing having a Granny around since I was a little kid. It helps that she's caring but not pushy, she accepts me and the family. But I also think a family of two adults is just too small to feel safe. It's natural to have a wise older person around who is a bit more relaxed and available to fill in and smooth things over! This has really helped me heal and I look forward to the other Grannies who are planning to come over the year. It's like an infusion of family wisdom and caring.

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