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What will await me on site?


Discover another culture
Granny Aupair is an adventure! We cannot tell you what will expect you on site. But an adventure is always what we ourselves make of it, and we will never return totally unchanged.

But one thing is certain: Unlike a tourist you will gain deep insights into the soul of a culture. How does the day-to-day life of a family differ from family routines in your own country? How do families raise their kids? How does the school system work? What is a typical weekday meal? Where do locals go shopping? How do they pass their leisure time? What is a typical workday like for the locals? What is the typical weekday routine? How important are friendships? What are the most important values? How do people practice their religion? Come and see for yourself!



"An enormous enrichment"
The K. family reports on their experiences

My family has already had three wonderful Granny Au Pair experiences and are thrilled about the experienced help to raise children together.
We can only recommend it to all parents, an enormous enrichment.

My family has already had three wonderful Granny Au Pair experiences and are thrilled about the experienced help to raise children together.
We can only recommend it to all parents, an enormous enrichment.

"I don't want to miss a second of it "
Granny M. Elisabeth on the question if she has the Wanderlust Gene

Hello Granny Au Pair,
but for sure I have this gene!!!; but again, after 4x granny and at 80 it doesn't do me quite so much good anymore!
But to all the other young women over 60 or 70, I wish you as much joy as I had in India, Bolivia, South Africa and Peru.

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"The contact to the family came from you, of course"
Granny Anni writes from Tyrol

Hello Mrs Hansen and team,
I would like to get in touch with you again.
As this is the 4th time I have stayed with the K. family in Innichen - South Tyrol, I don't think I need many words to explain why I have been there so often.

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"It was lovely!"
Alessandra and Helena send greetings from Italy

Dear Granny Au-pair Team,

after almost 3 months of living together very well, we are happy to share our positive experiences with you in the following pictures.

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"It was a powerful experience"
Granny Andrea Maria reports from Cairo

Dear Ms Hansen, dear staff,

a few days ago I said goodbye to my host family in Cairo and arrived back in "Good old Germany".

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"During the first conversation I already realised that this is my family"
Granny Sigrid tells about her stay in Atlanta

Sehr geehrtes Granny-Aupair Team,

Seit vergangenem Donnerstag bin ich von einem Granny-Einsatz wieder zuhause.

Mitte/Ende Juli diesen Jahres flatterte wieder mal ein Newsletter von Granny-Au-pair in meinen Posteingang mit der Überschrift: Familie in Atlanta wartet auf Sie! Es war wie ein Ruf, dem ich mich nicht entziehen konnte.

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"I am so grateful that your association came to my attention"
Elke starts her first Granny stay

Liebe Frau Hansen,

mein erster Granny aupair Einsatz startet. Ich fliege morgen nach Washington zu einer lieben Gastfamilie mit 2 Kindern (0 und 2 Jahre). Ich freue mich schon riesig auf die Zwerge, die Familie, die Kultur, die Stadt auf alles.

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"I have a lot of fun with my borrowed grandkids"
Granny Eva writes from Tyrol

Hello everybody,
Before my stay in Tyrol comes to an end, I would like to report briefly that I am having a good time here, experiencing a lot and having a lot of fun with my borrowed dogs. I'll be going home again on the weekend and I'm a bit sad because I've grown very fond of the boys.

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"The friendliness of the people is amazing"
Granny Marion sends an update from Kigali

Muraho (Hello) to Hamburg,

I have now been in Kigali and the surrounding area for 8 weeks and have to say: A dream!!!!!!

Everything worked out. The family was very pleasant and helpful. Despite the challenging tasks, they supported me very sensitively and gave me time to settle in.

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"As a Granny, I am simply part of the family, not the staff"
Granny Tamara sends greetings from Cairo

Dear Mrs Hansen,
You are probably used to receiving greetings from different countries and are therefore not surprised to read from me.
We spoke on the phone in spring and I told you that I had found a family in Egypt, in Cairo.

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"It is simply a different world from what I have known so far."
Granny Marion sends greetings from Kigali in Rwanda

A sunny MURAHO (Kinyarwanda, one of the 4 national languages) to Hamburg,
After a good 3 weeks I finally want to report how great everything is here.
To be honest, I was a bit nervous before leaving. Central Africa was a big unknown for me, with lots of question marks. The family allayed some concerns beforehand, but still, I was totally excited.

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"Today I met Granny Sam from Australia"
Granny Eva meets Granny Sam

Dear Mrs. Hansen, dear Grannyaupairteam,
I wanted to report briefly that I will be travelling to Tyrol repeatedly from 1.10. 22 to the L. family; I will probably stay there for 6 weeks.

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"Everyone is enthusiastic about your Granny-Aupair project"
Granny Eva talks about her stay in Tyrol

Dear Mrs Hansen, dear Grannyaupair Team,

I had a wonderful time with the family in Tyrol. I am now home for 2 months and will visit this family again in October and stay a little longer. I am looking forward to the quite small boys that I am looking after there, it is an enrichment for me every day to experience how the children develop and we have a lot of fun and joy together.

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"I am really looking forward to it"
Granny Dorothee sends greetings from Australia

Dear Mrs Hansen and team,

I arrived in Australia exactly one month ago, on 23 June.
I quickly took little Gytta into my heart and I also get on very well with her mum Gerlinde.

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"Further contacts for 2023 have been initiated"
Granny Karin tells about her plans

Dear Mrs Hansen,

...I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I will be flying to Egypt from 11.08-26.08.2022 - the Egyptian family has invited me to their beach house. I will be in Cairo from October to speak German with the family's 5-year-old daughter - the girl is due to start school at the German school in Cairo in February 2023.

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"I came as a Granny and left as a friend"
Granny Ingrid meets Granny Eva in Italy

Dear Mrs Hansen, dear Granny Aupair Team,

two Grannies meet in Italy. One says to the other: ''I come from the mission of a very dear family. The other one says: "And I am going to the mission of a very dear family."

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"I am already looking forward to the time to come"
Granny Eva is looking forward to her assignment in Italy

Dear Granny-Aupair Team,

after a very short time I have already found my family - I am also incredibly happy about the fact that it is exactly this family that was the deciding factor for my registration with you: the family from Buguggiate/Italy.

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"Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity to get to know the world"
Granny Frauke reports on her stay in California

Hello Ms Hansen and the Granny Aupair team,

I will gladly become a member again when I have time for a longer stay abroad.

Yes, I actually came to California through you and spent 9 weeks there with a family with three children. It was a wonderful experience that I wouldn't want to miss.

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"Nothings was originally planned this way - but it turned out all the more beautiful"
Granny Monika writes from Italy

Ready for something new!

Granny Monika is in the process of turning her life around. Since the end of 2020, the 66-year-old has been in Italy, taking care of the two children of her host family. Since then, she has been overcome with a feeling of happiness.

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"So another wonderful challenge for me"
The well-travelled Elke writes from Thailand

Hello Mrs Hansen,

now I am in Bangkok/Thailand, STILL WITH THE SAME FAMILY! I'm moving around Asia together with the family, which changes location every few years. It started in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia in 2016, then we went to Dubai in 2018 and now we are in Bangkok.

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„The Granny experience is not only a cultural encounter but a unique human encounter that is warm and full courageous exploration“
Tips from a Granny experienced Family from Abu Dhabi

Living with a Granny Aupair

Living with a Granny has been a very pleasant experience so far, however the main challenge could be in making sure that everyone is enjoying their privacy. On our first Granny experience, the Granny used to come to our private spaces like bedrooms and study rooms. Her intentions were good and it was her first Granny experience so we didn’t take it personally.

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"Now it fits for everyone"
Granny Anni reports back from her 18th Granny Aupair stay

Hello Mrs Hansen and team ,
I would like to report briefly from Brussels, where it has now taken me for a few weeks.

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„What I have seen, smelt, heard, tasted and felt, was so unbelievable that it has eclipsed all my expectations.“
Kirsten (48) as a Granny Aupair in China

“I am feeling very comfortable in China and with my Wangs. On May 1st I will be flying back to my old life with mixed feelings. Especially leaving the children will make me sad."

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„I want to thank you very much for the 'differently lived' time in my life.“
Wilma (55) as Granny Aupair in England

„Dear Mrs Hansen, I want to thank you very much for the 'differently lived time' in my life. It is fantastic that you gave me chance to live in London in a different way, that has also influenced my future life. Thank you very very much!”

„Dear Mrs Hansen, I want to thank you very much for the 'differently lived time' in my life. It is fantastic that you gave me chance to live in London in a different way, that has also influenced my future life. Thank you very very much!”

„It was a very special and intensive experience for me.“
Ursula (73), als Granny in einem Kinderheim in der Dominikanischen Republik

„I have now been home again for two months. I have spent eventful and happy months in the Dominican Republic, where I worked and lived in a children’s home for boys aged between 9 and 17. The atmosphere in the children’s home is very family-like, the colleagues quickly accepted me."

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