What will await me on site?


Discover another culture

Granny Aupair is an adventure! We cannot tell you what will expect you on site. But an adventure is always what we ourselves make of it, and we will never return totally unchanged.

But one thing is certain: Unlike a tourist you will gain deep insights into the soul of a culture. How does the day-to-day life of a family differ from family routines in your own country? How do families raise their kids? How does the school system work? What is a typical weekday meal? Where do locals go shopping? How do they pass their leisure time? What is a typical workday like for the locals? What is the typical weekday routine? How important are friendships? What are the most important values? How do people practice their religion? Come and see for yourself!

Immerse yourself in another culture

„What I have seen, smelt, heard, tasted and felt, was so unbelievable that it has eclipsed all my expectations.“

Kirsten (48) as a Granny Aupair in China

“I am feeling very comfortable in China and with my Wangs. On May 1st I will be flying back to my old life with mixed feelings. Especially leaving the children will make me sad."
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„I want to thank you very much for the 'differently lived' time in my life.“

Wilma (55) as Granny Aupair in England

„Dear Mrs Hansen, I want to thank you very much for the 'differently lived time' in my life. It is fantastic that you gave me chance to live in London in a different way, that has also influenced my future life. Thank you very very much!”

„It was a very special and intensive experience for me.“

Ursula (73), als Granny in einem Kinderheim in der Dominikanischen Republik

„I have now been home again for two months. I have spent eventful and happy months in the Dominican Republic, where I worked and lived in a children’s home for boys aged between 9 and 17. The atmosphere in the children’s home is very family-like, the colleagues quickly accepted me."
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