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Aupair Grannies - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Aupair Grannies - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Questions and answers

No website without FAQs (Frequently asked Questions) – we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions.

What is the Placement Procedure?

It takes just three steps to go abroad with Granny Aupair.  And here is how it works:

  1. Register free of charge!
    Now you can log into the secure area and browse through our database of members with no obligation.
  2. Become a Member!
    As soon as our account is credited with the membership fee you can make full use of the service of Granny Aupair.
  3. Find your Way Abroad
    As a member of Granny Aupair you may now get in contact with families, single persons, homeowners or projects. Other Granny Aupair members throughout the world who are looking for a Granny can view your profile and get in touch with you. You decide who may see your contact details. Write, skype or speak over the phone in detail with the members who you will live and work with.


Login data: Where do I get the access data?

Your login data are your username and your password, which you create while registering for free. Note down the data and keep them.


How much does my placement via Granny Aupair cost?

Your free registration allows you to take your time and browse comfortably and as often as you like through our database of families and others. When you have found an interesting profile you should become a member in order to make full use of our service.

You can choose between

  • 3 months one-off payment = 65 €/month
    (total amount € 195 payable on begin of membership)
  • 6 months one-off payment = 45 €/month
    (total amount € 270 payable on begin of membership)
  • 12 months one-off payment = 35 €/month
    (total amount € 420 payable on begin of membership)

Our pricing structure grants you and our members the best possible service and your data is prevented from falling into the wrong hands. We have only serious offers!

Does the family pay me?

No, we are not an employment agency. Please discuss further details of your stay directly with the family. You are on a private trip, but instead of booking a hotel you will be staying with a family or have accommodation provided by a social project. You get free room (your own private room) and board. You may discuss a monetary allowance directly with the family.


Do I have to cover the travel costs?

As it is a private trip, you have to cover the travel expenses. However, many families are willing to share or even cover all your travel costs.


How long can I stay?

The length of your stay depends on the agreements you have made with the families or the social project and on the visa requirements of each country. Notice: Unfortunately our Grannies cannot travel officially as au pairs, as the au pair laws are age-restricted. Au pair visa can only be obtained by women up to around 28 years of age. Since the founding of Granny Aupair in 2010, we have been campaigning for a change in age limits for au pairs and have already approached various national and international authorities and institutions in this matter. Up to now the authorities have unfortunately not seen any need for action. The media has also picked up this topic. The Australian newspaper Couriermail, which interviewed us, ran a feature about this problem. We sincerely hope something will soon happen concerning this age-discriminatory and no longer up-to-date legislation (as a rule the laws came into being in the 1960ies!).


What are my duties?

It is the idea of au pairing that families and au pairs develop a close relationship. You live with the family and take part in family activities. The families are primarily concerned about loving childcare. You may discuss other responsibilities directly with the family.


How do you screen the families?

The families interested in hosting a Granny create detailed user profiles and upload photos – just like the Grannies who want to go abroad. By the membership fee we ensure indirectly that there are only serious applicants in our file. Further screening is unfortunately not possible. Therefore we recommend communicating extensively with the family by email, telephone or via skype before you start your journey. Within Europe “Get Acquainted” meetings are possible – if both parties wish to do so.


Are there any women who did not have a good experience during their stay?

Yes, there are. But they are exceptions to the rule. We are very happy that most of the women who set out on their personal adventure have had positive experiences. Some came home so enthusiastic and satisfied that they repeated their stay with the same family or explored a different country at a new home via Granny Aupair.

Especially at the beginning of the stay there may be problems of adapting. The foreign language and culture, the new environment and the lifestyle habits of the family can be overwhelming. But if you are open and able to reflect on these differences you will soon overcome the initial culture shock.  A few Granny applicants did not enjoy their stay abroad. The reasons for the disappointment are very personal and bound to be subjective and cannot be generalized.
People who meet through Granny Aupair are initially strangers. And despite prior extensive communication the parties sometimes realize after some weeks that they do not fit together. Relationships deteriorate, this may also happen to Granny Aupair hosts and grannies. And sometimes a woman has to acknowledge that she had been asking too much of herself by embarking on this adventure.

One of our Grannies who has already explored the world twice with Granny Aupair, offered some advice during an interview: “Flexibility and the ability to adapt to different circumstances are important Granny Aupair qualities. If you are not willing to go without certain amenities like for instance your own bath, you might not be able to go at all. In order to prevent unpleasant surprises, it is very important to clarify with the family in advance the issues of accommodation, working hours and leisure time. But I would advise anyone not to seek greener pastures with a new family when you cannot cope in your own home.”


Further information

You can find all necessary information on our website. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you. You can reach us by email or by phone.