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Newsletter Families - Grandparents missing everywhere

Newsletter Families - Grandparents missing everywhere

Newsletter Families - Grandparents missing everywhere

Dear Families,

The role of grandparents in the family is not to be underestimated: they support, intercept, help, educate and are always at your side with help and advice. They are often much loved by the children, and the parents rely on them. But job requirements or just life itself often ensure that the grandparents live too far away – sometimes even in another country – or cannot be there (anymore) due to other reasons, so many families would be glad of  some support by an experienced pair of hands. 
For families abroad a Granny Aupair also brings along a "bit of home", for example, the language, traditions, recipes and much more. Due to their life experience, our temporary grannies are experts in childcare.  You know your children in good hands with an au pair Granny! 

Today we want to introduce you to two Grannies, who would like to help you as a temporary grandmother in the near future. At the moment over 90 Grannies, among others from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil and the States are looking for a meaningful task in a nice family – not only for this but for next year as well! We would also like to draw your attention to our additional service for busy families.

Best wishes from 

Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team


Caring and organized: Granny Annette 

Granny Annette (user name: Abelke) would like to support a nice family as from the beginning of November. The 58 year old former municipal official, who also worked as a private tutor for a long time, likes hiking and reading and is open to all new experiences. Strong in organizational skills, she is looking forward to honing her knowledge of English and to share her zest of life with others. The mother of adult chiildren is also a vegetarian. In her profile she writes:   “I am looking forward to shining eyes in children, for whom I am also happy to be there when problems arise. I will be guided by the parents’ ideas and attitudes and would never question their decisions."

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Active and sociable: Granny Sigrid

Granny Sigrid (user name: Grote) would also like to support a family – preferably in a non-European country – as from October.  The 67-year old former teacher is a passionate gardener, loves line dance, cinema and reading and also enjoys cooking. The mother of adult children is interested in all things new and is thus looking for a new challenge, to get her out of her daily routine. In her profile she writes: “Mutual trust, respect and absolute honesty are very important to me. I would also like to have time for myself to get to know the country and its people," 

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  • Please keep your profile up-to-date at all times, like checking if your preferred „Granny arrival date“ is still valid and not in the past. You can change this under “Profile settings”. The same applies if you have found a Granny and are maybe looking for a “follow up” Granny. You can also de- and reactivate your profile anytime during your membership.
  • Send many contact requests! If you like the look of certain Grannies but there dates for instance length of stay and date of possible arrival do not match your expectations then send a contact request anyway, as often something has changed with the Grannies or they are looking for several families “back to back”. Many things are negotiable and asking questions is free! 
  • If you receive contact requests and you already have a Granny or are not quite convinced then just write back a few words even if it is a refusal. Thus the Granny is not waiting for an answer all the time and is not irritated. 
  • And very important: If you have found a Granny Aupair please let us know per mail or by phone, who is coming to you and from when. This helps us keep our website up-to-date for you.

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Would you like to have a Granny Aupair? But have only little time, or do not want to search yourself and/or have the wish to stay completely anonymous? No problem! We will help you find your temporary Granny!

  • We advise you personally
  • Create your profile on request following consultation (only in English or German)
  • Send your search request to our newsletter subscribers (also to non-members)
  • Handle the initial contact to the applicants
  • Further the contact requests to you
  • You decide which Granny you want to contact
  • Everything further you can discuss directly and personally with the selected Grannies. As in the end the new family member has to fit in with you and not with us.
  • If the chemistry and everything else is right, your temporary Granny can arrive!

Our offer for a singular placement: 199 Euros plus completion of a membership 

Are you interested? Give us a call or send us an e-mail! We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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