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Newsletter Grannies - Become a Family’s Haven of Peace

Newsletter Grannies - Become a Family’s Haven of Peace

Newsletter Grannies - Become a Family’s Haven of Peace

Dear Ladies,

In the past several generations often lived in a home. If the parents had to work, the grandparents supervised the little ones. Unfortunately, things are often different nowadays: working parents need to be more flexible in order to get on with their job - but that this also requires adaptable childcare is a real problem, especially for single parents.  

As a Granny Aupair you can help families with childcare in a very flexible way. You are not only a childcarer, but are integrated into the family as a “replacement” grandmother. The parents can relax and take care of their job while they know the little ones in good hands: As a Granny you conjure up delicious food, help with homework, play, sing, craft and romp with the little ones, comfort and cheer up, go for walks and much more. In short, as a life-experienced woman who knows about many childrens’ problems - from the teething pain of the little ones to the broken hearts of teenagers - you fill a big gap in many families – just like a “real” grandma would do, too. 

At the moment many families from around the world are looking for a loving Granny to support them with advice and deeds for this year and already for 2019.

Very best wishes from

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team

P.S.: In our newsletters we only introduce you to a few selected families from our long list. For more please take a look at our website


Wintering in Summer 

A high quality of life distinguishes Melbourne in the state of Victoria: Here the green banks of the Yarra River, the white beaches of Port Phillip Bay and the Yarra Ranges with high hills entice visitors. As from mid-December, this little family (mother and 3-year-old twin girls) with the username Sophie C. is looking for support from an experienced Granny Aupair for the Australian summer months, which it is spending with the grandparents  one and a half hours from Melbourne. The family lives in a beautiful beach house near the Great Ocean Road. From February, the girls will be going to kindergarten three days a week. The Granny should be able to handle small children and elderly people. A nice big room in a spacious house is waiting for the Granny. The travel expenses will be taken over in part.

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Down Under Adventure  

And more Down Under Adventures are waiting for you on the South East coast of Australia between Bondi Beach and Blue Mountains. Opera House, Harbour Bridge, the Rocks and China Town are but a few of the many attractions Sydney has to offer. 
Here a granny-experienced family of four (user name semdyson) with a girl, 13 and a boy, 11, is looking for their next independent and responsible Granny Aupair, with a driving license, who also likes to cook, as from January 2019.  The two kids are in school until the afternoon, so the Granny would have time to explore or visit a language course.  A nice room in a large house on the outskirts of Sydney will be made available. 

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In the Heart of the Rhône-Alpes Region 

In the two thousand year old city of Lyon in France, visitors can take a unique journey through time and across cultures, strolling down its narrow streets, crossing its narrow secret passages  walking along its bustling docks, and seeing over 200 sites illuminated at night.
Near this fantastic city in the small town of Fontaines-sur-Saôn a granny-experienced small family (father and 12 year old son) with the user name Stephane is looking for a flexible reliable Granny asfrom Mid-January. Gabriel is with his father every two weeks for a week. He goes to school until 17:00, so the Granny would have enough time to explore the exciting surroundings and/or visit a language course. The father is also away on business two nights a week, so the Granny would have to care for Gabriel then. A nice room with private bath in a large house is waiting for the Granny. The travel costs will be taken over in part.

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  • Please keep your profile updated to avoid irritating potential families. Please make sure that your possible date of arrival is in the future. 
  • If you have found a family, and you are still looking for a “follow up" family in the future, please change your possible arrival date. And most importantly: Please let us know by e-mail, which family you are going to from when.
  • Write about yourself and your hobbies in your profile. With the Google translator, you can easily translate this into French or German. This makes it easier for many families to find out about you.


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