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Granny Ingrid about the Workshop

"I'm sure you'll be hearing from me in California."

Dear Mrs. Hansen, dear Ms. Dörwaldt, dear Granny Aupair Team,

I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful hours. The day was filled with information and workshops and did me a lot of good. In any case, you encouraged me to take up the adventure of being a Granny Aupair. Now I will be in California for three months from January 7th 2018 with a single mom with a small baby. With the young mum and me, everything fitted right away and we are looking forward to each other.

My family, my husband, my children and my 10 grandchildren think it's great that their grandmother wants to support another family and is learning English on her old, young days and is thus confident to take a long journey. "You are cool, grandma" my grandchildren said.

My profile says: Only if I take good care of myself can I take good care of others. That is my motto. In addition, dear Ms. Dörwaldt, you have taken away my fear that I could get lost on my journey.

I am sure you will be hearing from me in California.

A very adventurous Granny greets you all.