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Dear Ladies,

Do you have the “wanderlust” gene? No kidding - three years ago, scientists discovered exactly this gene! According to various researchers, carriers of the wanderlust gene, more precisely the DRD4-7R gene, are said to be particularly curious and restless.

Dear Ladies,

In many countries, it will not be long now before the long summer break, which often starts in June. Families around the world are looking forward to spending a few days or weeks with their children, going on trips, going on holiday or simply relaxing.

Dear Ladies,

to quote German author Kurt Tucholsky “The greatest sight to see is the world – look at it!” As a Granny Aupair you have the opportunity to discover the world, to explore the way of life of a foreign country and to learn its language.

Dear Granny, dear Family,

Easter is the celebration of spring, the time where nature awakes to new life all around! And we humans start new enterprises with energy and fresh courage! Why not try out something completely different?

Dear Ladies,

Exploring new regions far from beaten tourist tracks and package tours? Enjoying delicious local dishes in a family circle? Experiencing other cultures and daily life close up? An increasing number of people want to get to know a dream destination far from the normal tourist strongholds.

Dear families,

When both the kids and the job have to take a back seat, then parents know very well that the day cannot have enough hours. It requires a lot of skill and organizational talent to combine both important areas of life and not feel that one of them is being neglected.