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Dear Families,

the "child or career" question is foremost in mind of many expectant parents. Is there even a chance to get it right? Anyone staying home for longer, might lag behind regarding job opportunities. However, anyone who goes back to work early is often branded as a bad mother.

Dear Ladies,

Boredom, or in modern times the so-called "bore-out", can quickly lead to illness in senior citizens. This is the conclusion come to by Professor Ursula Lehr, who held the Gerontology Chair in Heidelberg for many years. Insufficient challenges often lead to fatigue, lack of drive and insomnia.

Dear Ladies,

they chat via computer, they speak with their grandchildren as equals, they are much more in the midst of life than earlier generationa but they are still the good soul in many families. Hard to imagine how daily life can be managed without grandmothers!

Looking for a spontaneous Granny for British Columbia!

Dear Ladies,

Today we received a call for help from Canada. The Granny planned for the coming months had to cancel at short notice due to private reasons and now quick help and spontaneity is needed.