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Dear Granny, dear Family,

Easter is the celebration of spring, the time where nature awakes to new life all around! And we humans start new enterprises with energy and fresh courage! Why not try out something completely different? Travel the world as a temporary grandmother and discover how nice it is to find a new home abroad.

Dear Ladies,

At last the time has come when you want to go outdoors, out into the air, out into the wide world – and whilst doing so surpass yourself. Spring is the time of renewal, with everything sprouting, growing and thriving.

A true family of Granny-Aupair sent us the picture on the right today: They are still with us since years, and the Granny from the left picture is currently visiting them again. That's how we love it!

Dear Ladies,

Granny Aupair has been around for nine years now and we are delighted that our concept has been so well received. This is shown by the high number of our "repeaters" – more than 40 percent of our families and Grannies have already chosen Granny Aupair more than once.

Dear Ladies,

the 14th February is Valentine’s Day. People all over the world use the day to demonstrate their love and affection with small gifts, notes and gestures not only in Germany but practically all over the world.

Dear Ladies,

To live life to the full to the very last minute, true to the motto “It is never too late to start something new” that’s the guideline of Andreas Kruse, Director of the Institute of Gerontology at the University of Heidelberg and one of the best-known gerontologists in Germany.