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Dear Ladies,

We are very pleased – the Granny Aupair community is growing continuously! All around the world families are looking for a loving temporary Granny to give them a hand. In order to make your search quickly lead you towards your dream destination, we want to give a few useful tips we have collected in our nearly nine years experience.

Dear Ladies,

A grandmother is a wonderful enrichment for family life. She cooks lunch for the offspring while the parents are at work. She reads exciting stories aloud! And she comforts their little aches and pains or their first heartache.

Dear Ladies,

In the past several generations often lived in a home. If the parents had to work, the grandparents supervised the little ones. Unfortunately, things are often different nowadays:

Dear Families,

The role of grandparents in the family is not to be underestimated: they support, intercept, help, educate and are always at your side with help and advice. They are often much loved by the children, and the parents rely on them.