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Dear Ladies,

In the past several generations often lived in a home. If the parents had to work, the grandparents supervised the little ones. Unfortunately, things are often different nowadays:

Dear Families,

The role of grandparents in the family is not to be underestimated: they support, intercept, help, educate and are always at your side with help and advice. They are often much loved by the children, and the parents rely on them.

Dear Ladies,

Summer is slowly coming to an end – although this is hard to believe – and for many families this means the start of everyday life again. Going back to kindergarten and school is imminent, coupled with all the organisational effort this entails.

Dear Family, dear Granny,

Our summer is speeding up once more! And we want to very warmly recommend our “Get-to-know” offer to everyone who is looking for a Granny or a family for now or later.

Dear Ladies,

Would you like to spend late summer and autumn near the Loire in France? Some days ago we received a call for help from the Loire area.