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Dear Ladies,

You're tired of woolly sweaters and cold feet? Then we have a suitable offer from sunny Spain: We now received a request for help from the capital of Catalonia in Spain, where the Granny Aupair cannot continue due to health reasons.

Dear Ladies,

an increasing number of people wish to get to know a dream destination away from the normal tourist strongholds. To travel the country, meet people and still live in a family environment.

Dear Ladies,

are you already awaiting autumn and winter with trepidation? Do you long for continuous sunny days, constant warm temperatures and a blue sky? If you’re about to be bitten by the travel bug, then we have the right thing for you here.

Dear Ladies,

maybe you've seen the touching French movie "Ensemble, c'est tout" (Together, its everything) with the magical actress Audrey Tautou? It's about being alone, about true friends and naturally about love.

Dear families,

Summer is coming to an end and everyday life is starting again for many families. Starting kindergarten and school is on the agenda, coupled with all the organizational effort associated with it.