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Dear parents,

For most children the long summer holidays, are the highlight of the year – having long lie ins, playing and spending loads of time with their parents. But only a small percentage of working parents can get leave for the whole holiday period. But what to do with the children for the rest of the holidays? Happy are those, who then have a Granny Aupair. Start looking for your temporary Granny now, so that you and your family can spend a relaxed summer!

Dear family, dear Granny,
Granny Aupair is celebrating its birthday – celebrate with us! Open-minded, visionary, adventurous, constructive and restless – according to numerology these are the characteristics of the number 5. We think they are a perfect fit for our birthday child: Nearly exactly five years ago Michaela Hansen implemented her visionary idea to send women over fifty abroad as au pairs. She is a pioneer in this field, as at that time no agency of this kind existed. Her appeal: „Get off the couch and off into the world!“ has now been followed by over 1,000 women.

Dear parents,

We are really pleased – as the Granny Aupair community is growing steadily! Especially in the last few days we were able to welcome many new members – Grannies and Families. The fresh new year is seemingly bringing the necessary momentum to approach enterprises with gusto.

To enable you to quickly find your ideal Granny, we want to give you some useful tips, which we were able to collect due to our experience of the last five years.