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True to the motto „Wanderlust knows no age“ Granny Aupair also offers younger, life experienced women the opportunity to participate in our program. You do not have to be actually over 50 or a grandmother. You know what life is all about and want to take some time out from your job and/or family, to broaden your horizon and you want to do something meaningful? Leave your comfort zone and your dull everyday life? Then you are at the right place at Granny Aupair. Here you can help women and children in the poorest countries as a volunteer.

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Today we want to introduce you to two families, who are now looking for a Granny in the next months to stay with them, in one case for a longer period of time. Our families are looking forward to a loving temporary Granny, who likes to play, bake, paint or sing with the children or just lend an ear to their small upsets.

Dear reader,

The summer holidays will be starting soon and many working parents are looking for a realible, loving Granny for bridging over this free period. But there are also other reasons why families are looking for a Granny’s help with short noice. We want to introduce you to three of our families, who are quite urgently looking for someone here.

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Do you prefer the glittering lights of one of America’s most exciting cities or rather the peace and quiet of country life in the midst of beautiful mountain scenery? As a Granny Aupair you can choose exactly the right destination for you from the range of offers.

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Feeling totally part of a family and also getting to know other surroundings or a different culture – this is what many of our Grannies are looking forward to. Families also benefit from their “life experienced” guest, who enriches family life with new impulses and a wealth of experience Two of our "Granny experienced" families are now looking for a new temporary family member. Both have had very good experience with their previous Grannies.

Dear family,

Hectic rush and stress in daily life, job and family both need your attention – it’s not easy to do justice to everything. How helpful it would be if you had a pair of experienced hands on hand to give support with help and advice. Our Granny Aupairs restore order to often stressful everyday life with their life experience and energy. They pick up what working parents often cannot manage in the daily routine: they play, draw, bake or sing with your children. The Granny takes your children to school or kindergarten and helps with homework.