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Dear Granny,

Anyone who goes travelling has stories to tell, states a German saying. And so that you can come back from your Granny Aupair trip with many wonderful experiences and stories, we would like to give you a few tips.

Dear family,

The school year has hardly started, then its break-time again: Half-term-holidays, Christmas break, Easter holidays, Inset-Days and not to forget six weeks to sometimes even three months of summer holidays hold massive challenges for parents, who do not work as teachers (and even for them). Even if both parents pack their entire annual leave into the school holidays, there is still a lot of time left over where the children have to be cared for otherwise – and this is still not including the family holidays!

Dear family,

A grandmother is a wonderful asset for family life. She cooks lunch for the children, while their parents are at work. She reads them interesting stories. And she comforts them when they have small ailments or even their first broken heart. Grandmothers are the heart and soul in many families - difficult to imagine how daily life can function without them. And this is also true for our Granny Aupairs!

Es war ein wunderbarer Abend für die Beteiligten - und wir haben ein paar schöne Bilder von unserem Fotografen bekommen.

Dear Granny,

Take your pick: Are you more attracted to one of the most exciting cities in the United States or rather to the quiet of the countryside in north-west England? As Granny Aupair you can choose exactly the right thing for yourself from a variety of offers.