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Dear Family,

Succeeding at work, taking part in further training, improving language skills, losing weight, exercising more, planning a trip ... all these things require not only discipline but above all: time.

Dear reader,

Important notice: During the late afternoon on January 12th following a security update our page unfortunately collapsed . We then had to upload a backup of January 12th from about 7 a.m.. If you changed your profile or edited contact requests between 7 and 19:00 these data are no longer available.

Dear reader,

The new year and the good resolutions are still fresh and dewy. Have you already been bitten by the travel bug, would you like to take off as a Granny immediately? Then we have just the ticket for you: All around the globe from exotic Malaysia to the north and south of Europe and on the other side of the Atlantic in the United States many new families are looking for a loving temporary Granny

Dear reader,

The end of the year is coming closer by leaps and bounds. Time for many people to take stock and to make plans for the new year. For example to fulfill the long-cherished dream of living abroad. This wish can come true with Granny Aupair: Spend time in a family in a completely new environment in other countries near or far or help in one of our many social projects.

Dear reader,

Do you belong to those who have already secured all their Christmas presents in November or do you leave buying them to the very end – last minute so to say? We have a hot tip for you for the final spurt for presents: According to a survey vouchers belong to most popular gifts. Have you already seen our new present idea? We now offer vouchers for a membership at Granny Aupair!

Dear Granny,

many of us resolve to start anew at the end of the year, but then do not dare to take the decisive step. And yet good resolutions are a very good means of steering the ship of life in a new direction. Changes are hard work sometimes, but also glean the appropriate reward. A new start also entails the art of letting go.

Dear Families,

Christmas is just around the corner – Father Christmas, the Christkind, Sinterclaas, Jultomten: All the gift bringers round the world have their hands full at the moment and will be visiting our Grannies and families everywhere. And now they also have a gift for you.