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Dear families,

Our summer is speeding up once more! And we want to very warmly recommend our “Get-to-know” offer to everyone who is looking for a Granny for now or later.

Dear Ladies,

Again and again we receive reports of grannies who enthuse about their lovely times around the world. From Australia, Abu Dhabi, USA, South Africa, Malaysia etc.: Granny Aupairs bring home priceless impressions and experiences as souvenirs from all over the world.

Dear Ladies,

Would you like to just spontaneously pack your bags and travel to France? Just now we received an emergency call from a family near Geneva.

Dear Ladies,

You're tired of woolly sweaters and cold feet? Then we have a suitable offer from sunny Spain: We now received a request for help from the capital of Catalonia in Spain, where the planned young au pair cancelled at short notice.

Dear Ladies,

For a long time scientists have assumed that the development of the brain is completed with adult age and that from then on we only “deteriorate” mentally during the further course of our lives. But far from it!