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The latest from Granny Aupair

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Dear Ladies,

You're tired of woolly sweaters and cold feet? Then we have a suitable offer from sunny Spain: We now received a request for help from the capital of Catalonia in Spain, where the planned young au pair cancelled at short notice.

Dear Ladies,

For a long time scientists have assumed that the development of the brain is completed with adult age and that from then on we only “deteriorate” mentally during the further course of our lives. But far from it!

Dear Ladies,

Grandchildren keep you young – as everyone who has some knows. And recently this has even been (scientifically) confirmed scientfically in the Berlin Ageing Study (BASE)! Grandparents live longer, if they take care of their grandchildren.

Dear families,

In many countries, it will not be long now before the long summer break or it has already begun. Families around the world are looking forward to spending a few days or weeks with their children, going on trips, going on holiday or simply relaxing.

A Granny Aupair for the newest royal baby …

...will probably not be very likely, as according to rumours, Meghan and Harry are looking for a professional American nanny for baby Archie. But who knows...

What we know, however, is that many families worldwide are still looking for a loving temporary Granny for their children.