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Dear Ladies,

Would you spontaneously like to spend summer in totally different surroundings, get to know other cultures and let yourself be inspired by beautiful landscapes? Then just take a look in our long list of families, who are looking for a Granny Aupair at the moment.

Dear Ladies,

Time and again we receive stories from our Granny Aupairs, who rhapsodize about their lovely time travelling the world. From Australia, Abu Dhabi, USA, South Africa, Malaysia: From all over the globe Granny Aupairs bring home their priceless experiences and impressions as souvenirs.

Dear Family, dear Granny,

Summer has finally arrived! And we want to very warmly recommend our “Get-to-know” offer to everyone who is looking for a Granny or a family for now or later. With our Summertime-special for cool heads you get a chill

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from now on a membership of your choice at Granny Aupair.

Dear readers

Increasingly women under 50 years of age are registering at Granny Aupair. They do not want to miss the chance to help with childcare in another country. This is enabled mostly by taking a sabbatical – spending the sabbatical abroad is one of the most popular opportunities to make the most of the break in working life.

Dear Ladies,

Strange but true – last year scientists discovered the so called „Wanderlust“-gene. Or to be more specific the DRD4-7R gene. People who carry this gene are said to be especially curious and restless, according to various researchers. Moreover, they are willing to take risks, and more interested in trying out new things than most people. One of their favorite things: To discover new countries and cultures on holiday, or to see something new and get away from everything for at least a couple of weeks per year.

Dear Ladies,

Idyllic moor landscapes, open fields and peace and quiet. Or do you prefer the hustle and bustle, a quick pace and inspiration on every corner? Are you drawn more to the countryside or do you prefer the bustling life in a metropolis? You can find something for every taste at Granny Aupair.

Dear family,

In former times it was often the case that several generations lived under one roof. If the parents had to go to work the grandparents supervised the children. Nowadays, it is often different unfortunately: Employees need to be more flexible in order to succeed in their job – but that this also requires adaptable child care, is a real problem, especially for single parents.

Dear Ladies, 

have you ever heard of bore-out? Especially older people experience how boredom will suddenly arrive in their lives and know the partly devastating effects that are triggered by this state of mind. Meanwhile physicians also indicate that seniors are relatively frequently affected by the so-called bore-out. This term actually comes from work psychology and signifies a condition triggered by mental underload with very similar symptoms to burnout.

All the best for Mother – and Father’s Day

Dear Family, dear Granny,

this year the first week in May is very special: As in Germany Father’s as well as Mother’s Day will be celebrated in the same week (5th and 8th of May). As close as both dates are together this year, the differences between the two could not be greater: Where as Mama traditionally is spoilt with a sumptuous breakfast in bed and a huge bunch of flowers on her day of glory, the German Daddies prefer an outing with their fellow men and a handcart on their feast day.