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Dear Ladies,

Soon one of the most exciting times of the year will be arriving for many families around the world: September will see the new school year starting in many countries, maybe with a completely new school start, a change of schools, first day at nursery school etc.

Dear family,

Many countries are already in the middle of their summer holidays and the parents are enjoying the time off with their children on holiday or just hanging out at home. But the plans for the time after the summer holiday are already being made: New school year, maybe a new school, starting nursery school etc. A lot of organization has to be managed to reconcile school, job and leisure time.

Das ist mal toll: Granny Christa war erst ab Januar 2016 in Dublin und weilt jetzt in Göteborg. Und sie lässt alle an ihren Granny-Erlebnissen teilhaben, denn sie führt einen Blog darüber. Klicken Sie doch einmal hinein und schauen Sie, was unsere "Granny auf Reisen" so alles erlebt!

Dear Ladies,

we just received a call for help from the green Island. A lovely German-Irish family with a sweet one year old son is looking for a temporary Granny at very short notice. The Granny, who was supposed to arrive this week had to cancel due to understandable personal reasons.

Dear Ladies,

Would you spontaneously like to spend summer in totally different surroundings, get to know other cultures and let yourself be inspired by beautiful landscapes? Then just take a look in our long list of families, who are looking for a Granny Aupair at the moment.

Dear Ladies,

Time and again we receive stories from our Granny Aupairs, who rhapsodize about their lovely time travelling the world. From Australia, Abu Dhabi, USA, South Africa, Malaysia: From all over the globe Granny Aupairs bring home their priceless experiences and impressions as souvenirs.

Dear Family, dear Granny,

Summer has finally arrived! And we want to very warmly recommend our “Get-to-know” offer to everyone who is looking for a Granny or a family for now or later. With our Summertime-special for cool heads you get a chill

                          20 percent discount

from now on a membership of your choice at Granny Aupair.

Dear readers

Increasingly women under 50 years of age are registering at Granny Aupair. They do not want to miss the chance to help with childcare in another country. This is enabled mostly by taking a sabbatical – spending the sabbatical abroad is one of the most popular opportunities to make the most of the break in working life.