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Dear Ladies,

Being a grandmother or looking after children can be something wonderful! A Granny cooks delicious meals for the children while the parents are at work. She knows loads of rhymes and songs. Plays Lego and Uno enthusiastically. And knows what to do with small ailments or first lovesickness.

Hello, I am the new Granny Aupair-Bear and will start travelling in near future. More on this subject soon!

Dear Ladies,

Many of our families have to go without grandparents but would love to benefit from the experiences of the older generation. Children who are cared for by “temporary” grandparents, build up a similar relationship to them as to “normal” grandparents. And the “older generation” also often feel very close to the families, with friendships often blossoming.

Dear Ladies,

Summer ist now coming to an end, bringing the start of the daily routine for many families. The start into a new school year or nursery school is to be mastered – coupled with the whole organisatorial stress at work.

Dear Ladies,

Following this rainy and cold summer, are you facing the coming autumn and winter with trepidation? Are you longing for contiuous days of sun, a constant warm temperature and blue skys?

Dear family,

Father, mother, children, grandma, grandpa - and all living together under one roof: This type of living is uncommon nowadays, but is still a dream for many families. This is shown by figures of the polling institute YouGov who recently questioned 2,000 German citizens about this.

Dear Ladies,

Have you always wanted to help, where help is most needed? Or are you even a nurse, geriatric nurse, teacher or child-care worker? Then our volunteer work is just what you might be looking for!