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Granny Gudrun tells about her time in Australia

“The time in Australia was an asset in all kinds of ways”

From February 1st to April 30th 2014 I was placed with a German diplomat family in Canberra, capital of Australia.  The three boys, aged seven, five and three years made ​​sure it was not boring. They welcomed me warmly and involved me in all activities like a family member, so I felt very comfortable.

My main job was to look after the children in absence of their parents, to bring them to school and nursery in the morning and do the afternoon pick up. Also, I have looked after the kitchen jobs, cooked and baked and helped with the laundry. My help was recognized and appreciated, so I was happy to pitch in. The family has grown close to my heart in the three months, I will keep in touch and maybe someday go again.

 On my days off I explored the city, and the family took me on trips into the countryside. At the end of my stay had the opportunity to travel with a “colleague”, the Granny Aupair of an acquainted  host family, to Ayers Rock, I also visited Sydney and Melbourne thus could take in quite a lot of the country.

The time in Australia was an asset in all kinds of ways. I can recommend it to any woman who is open to new ideas and willing to take a step into the unknown and into a strange family, anyone who is flexible and tolerant, to take the step. The reward is a priceless treasure of experiences, family life and the beautiful feeling to be needed.