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Granny Martina about her stay in England

"There will certainly be a next time!"

At last the time had come: a whole free year streched in front of me! The feeling is unbelievable: You know that you have a year to do things, you always wanted to do, or would have done earlier, if it had been possible. I for my part wanted to travel to England.

But not as a tourist, I wanted to experience the country in its daily life. Some time before I had heard about the possibility to live a while with a family as Granny Aupair. I knew that would be my path! ….And there were quite a lot of families looking for a Granny, not an easy decision. But then in was love at first sight – a lovely little girl smiled at me from a photo. Sent a query, skyped and everything felt right.

Naturally some things went a bit awry. Thus the mama ordered the taxi, to go to baby singing. I waited for the taxi driver in the house – but he – typically for England – waited in front of the home and drove off again! No baby singing that day :-))

Or I understood that I was supposed to give Aida pancakes for lunch, but it was the exact opposite – she wasn’t supposed to have any. But the lovely parents were able to laugh at this and I think that was very important and took away my insecurity.

Naturally communication was not without problems at the beginning, but everyone, really everyone I met was so helpful and nice; be it during a walk in the park, shopping, at  the gym – everywhere I met open and interested people.

Unfortunately I was not so courageous sometimes; I found a hiking group who went on hikes every week end; I sent them a query and they were looking forward to meeting me but I  did not find the gumption to go with them for a whole day. The next time I’ll be more daring.

And there certainly will be a next time! I now will have to work another few years until my pension, but if I feel fit enough again, there will be nothing stopping me from another Granny Aupair adventure!