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Taking a sabbatical abroad – broaden your horizons!

Taking a sabbatical abroad – broaden your horizons!

Taking a sabbatical abroad – broaden your horizons!

Dear readers

Increasingly women under 50 years of age are registering at Granny Aupair. They do not want to miss the chance to help with childcare in another country. This is enabled mostly by taking a sabbatical – spending the sabbatical abroad is one of the most popular opportunities to make the most of the break in working life.  

What is the idea behind the sabbatical?

Originally the idea of  the sabbatical dates back to the Thora- - it was a kind prescribed time out. Slaves should worked and the fields tilled for a period of six years, in the seventh year, however, all work should rest, and the slaves were to be released. Actually, it was a kind of leave for the tortured earth. 

Much later the term was used primarily in the university context to describe a phase in which an employee was allowed to focus exclusively on research. For several years now, the sabbatical has finally arrived in the world of work: employees and officials can take a break to devote themselves to other things according to certain rules. The rules and laws about the sabbatical differ from country to country. Nevertheless, there are many employers, especially in large corporations, who open for this idea.

Spending the sabbatical abroad 

There are many ways to take advantage of the break in workaday life in the best way possible. Some people take the chance to recover: to prevent burnout and to take time to re-focus and to reflect on what is important to them. Others use the time to take care of their family or to commit themselves in social projects. More and more people, however, are also opting for spending their sabbatical abroad: they want to broaden their horizons, leave the beaten path, get to know new cultures, learn languages and meet people who are different than any previous acquaintance.

No wonder that more and more women under 50 years are signing up at Granny Aupair when planning a sabbatical abroad: It is an excellent way to make good use of a portion of the acquired leisure time and immerse yourself in the local culture. Whoever indulges in such an adventure, returns to the workplace refreshed, relaxed and with a new perspective on the world. Often, the power for work is much better after this kind of creative break that employers have little objection to their employees saying goodbye for a specified period.

Opening a door

Anyone spending their sabbatical abroad and supporting a young family as a Granny, not only enriches their life by the wonderful experience of being in a different country and experiencing new things: The new friends with whom the Granny has lived closely and whose children she has quickly learned to love, are retained in many cases even after the stay. And even if the retirement is still some years away, you then often have beautiful destination for holiday trips in the next few years.