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Newsletter Grannies - Tips for your search and Summertime-Special

Newsletter Grannies - Tips for your search and Summertime-Special

Newsletter Grannies - Tips for your search and Summertime-Special

Dear Ladies,  

we are very pleased – as the Granny Aupair community is growing steadily! From Australia to Asia, to Europe and across the Big Pond to North and South America, families are looking for a loving temporary Granny to help them all over the world. In able to help your search lead you quickly towards your dream destination, we would like to give you a few useful tips, which we have gathered in our almost ten years of experience.

  1. The best thing is to be inspired by all the offers! Don't pay too much attention to the country. Ultimately, the people you go to are more important.
  2. If you find families interesting, but their profile details, such as length of stay and date of preferred arrival, do not correspond to your expectations, then contact them anyway, as families are often looking for several grannies in succession. Many things are negotiable
  3. You can contact the families as long as their profile is visible, even if the information may seem outdated. Many families just forget to adjust their profile dates
  4. Once you have made a contact request, you need a bit of patience. It often takes a few days or weeks for families to get back to you. The families are often very busy or collect some inquiries before they answer.
  5. Search with heart and mind! Before you definitely commit yourself to a family, you should agree on important details and demands on your time as a Granny Aupair. So there will be no surprises later on and both sides know what you are getting into. Remember: The families rely on you! So be absolutely sure before you definitely accept the placement.
  6. Get informed in detail about your host country and its people – especially if you are interested in exotic countries.
  7. Remember, as a Granny, you're on a private trip. The visa regulations of the respective countries apply.

The more flexible you are, the quicker you can say: I’m off! 

But you can also call us in advance if you have any questions. We are at your disposal with advice per mail or per phone.  And for your inspiration we would like to introduce you to three selected families from near and far – see below. How about fascinating London, the English countryside or USA?  

Best wishes

Your Michaela Hansen and your Granny Aupair Team


Country Feeling in London

London enthralls us with its infinite diversity: people of all nationalities, religions and skin colours, cosmopolitan atmosphere and the feeling of village togetherness are side by side. The British Capital also offers the dazzling royal family and countless cultural opportunities - museums, galleries, palaces, theatres and musicals!

In the southeastern part of the metropolis in the town of Twickenham in the borough of Richmond on Thames a small granny-experienced family (mum and 2 daughters, 11 and 10 and many animals) with the user name MumKate is looking forward to welcoming its next reliable, experienced and animal-loving temporary Granny who can speak good English as from Mid September , to support the mother. The two girls go to school until at least 2.30 p.m., so the Granny would have enough time to explore the exciting surroundings and/or take a language course.  A nice room in a cozy cottage is waiting for the Granny. 

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New York! New York!

A world-famous skyline, Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, Times Square, Broadway... the list of attractions can be  continued endlessly. Here in the middle of the Big Apple near Central Park, this granny-experienced family of (nearly) four (username LeClJo) with a 2-year-old daughter and a baby due to arrive in August/September is looking for a reliable Granny Aupair from February 2020 to give the parents a hand. The little daughter goes to kindergarten until late afternoon. A room with its own bathroom awaits the Granny in a large apartment in the center of the metropolis of millions. Travel expenses are covered in full. 

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Company in English Countryside

Stunning country walks, wonderful history, pubs, cinemas, theatre, river, leisure center, cobbled streets, cafes, shops, restaurants, and excellent schools for learning languages. All this can be found near and in Shrewsbury in the West Midlands of England. Here in a village near Shrewsbury an older couple (user name Julie B.) is looking forward to welcoming a supportive Granny with a driving license as companion as soon as possible. The husband has dementia, but is the perfect gentleman. The family has a separate cleaner. The Granny would have enough time to explore the beautiful surroundings or visit a language course. A lovely large room with a private bath in a big house is waiting for the Granny. 

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Summertime Special

Our summer is speeding up once more! And we want to very warmly recommend our “Get-to-know” offer to everyone who is looking for a family for now or later. With our Summertime-special for cool heads you get a chill 

                                          15 percent discount 

from now on a membership of your choice at Granny Aupair. This means you can save over 50 Euros with a 12 month membership. But our special is also worthwhile in regard of our three- or six month memberships. 

It’s quite simple: If you sign on at Granny Aupair from now until Monday, the 26. August, we offer 15 percent discount on every chosen regular membership*. Your membership begins with the day of receipt of payment. 

Just enter the code

into the voucher field when completing a membership up to 26.08.2019 or just deduct 15 percentfrom the chosen membership amount and transfer the amount stating the “Summertime” code to our bank account. 

Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse 
IBAN: DE91200505501011221551
Account holder: GRANNY AUPAIR

*Please note that this special cannot be combined with other discounts or offers and cannot be given retroactively.  


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