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Newsletter Grannies - Invaluable Experiences

Newsletter Grannies - Invaluable Experiences

Newsletter Grannies - Invaluable Experiences

Dear Ladies,

Again and again we receive reports of grannies who enthuse about their lovely times around the world. From Australia, Abu Dhabi, USA, South Africa, Malaysia etc.: Granny Aupairs bring home priceless impressions and experiences as souvenirs from all over the world. True to Granny Aupair's philosophy of cultural exchange. Away from the normal tourist program our temporary Grannies have intensive experiences in a foreign country, which they can get to know in a completely different way due to the family connection. 

Our families are also very enthusiastic about the concept. Nevertheless on occasion irritations arise for example concerning pocket money and the Granny’s tasks. Both sides sometimes have exaggerated expectations. Therefore we would like to point out explicitly once again: Granny Aupair is not a job agency. The word "au-pair" comes from French and means "reciprocity". We see our initiative in this original sense of the word. 

As a Granny you live in a family for a period of time as a temporary grandmother or help in a social project and are integrated into the everyday life of another culture. Language barriers, unknown customs and differences in mentality have to be mastered by both sides. But this challenge is also your chance for personal development and to experience yourself in a completely new way.

It is very important to be totally clear in advance whether you feel up to the task. And what kind of type you are. For example, if you go to the suburbs of an American or Brazilian city or to one of the "gated communities" in Namibia or South Africa, you could be on your own a lot and should be able to occupy yourself, especially if the children are in school most of the day. Those who would like to have a lot of social contacts should take a close look to see if there are any possible leisure activities nearby. 

Currently around 70 families from all over the world are looking for a loving temporary Granny as soon as possible or later. We are introducing you to three of them below.  

Best wishes from 

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team

P.S.: Granny Aupair is now also available on Instagram at @Granny_Aupair and if you like, please  follow us and feel free to use our hashtag #grannyaupair


English Country Living


Beautiful little villages with houses of golden limestone nestling in the middle of a landscape of rolling green hills, this is what the Cotswald countryside in the heart of England looks like. The village of Ampney Crucis be found in the county of Gloucester not far from the historic town of Cirencester you can find. 

Here a family of four  and a dog (user name Redgreentiger) with two little girls (5 and 2) are looking forward to welcoming a loving experienced temporary Granny with a driving license as soon as possible. The two little girls are at school and nursery until the afternoon so the Granny would have enough time to explore the beautiful surroundings or visit a language course. A lovely room with a private bath is waiting for the Granny. The travel costs will be taken over in part. 

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California Dreamin’


The vibrant college community of Berkeley in the San Francisco Bay Area has many things to offer. The region in Northern California abounds with iconic landmarks, colorful neighborhoods and major art museums. Then there are theme parks, boardwalks, and steam trains-not to mention beaches, national parks, and wildlife preserves. 

Here an international family of four (user name robyly) with a 7 year old girl and a 1 year old boy is looking for an experienced Granny Aupair as from mid-January 2020, who would not mind doing light housework. The little girl goes to school until the afternoon. A wonderful large room with private bath in a big house in the city’s outskirts is available for the Granny. The travel costs will be taken over in full. 

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Bella Italia


Cesiomaggiore is a wonderful holiday resort in the middle of the Bellunese Dolomites National Park, This town, with its numerous attractions in terms of landscape, culture and gastronomy, stretches along the slopes of the Cimonega mountain range, between green hills and flowering meadows. Here an Italian-English family of four (username elemore) with two boys (12 and 9) and a cat is looking for a responsible, organized English speaking Granny Aupair, who also likes cooking as from September, as the husband will be working away from home during the week. The boys go to school until 13:00 every day, so the Granny can discover the lovely surroundings or visit a language course. A nice room in a large house in a beautiful area  is waiting for the Granny. 

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