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Granny Astrid about her time in the USA

"During my time there I was part of the family"

Following various contacts with different families, I felt quite close to two families emotionally. Finally I decided following my “gut feeling “and travelled to the USA for three months to a suburb of Boston on the east coast.
From the first meeting at the airport with the two small children and their mother it was totally clear: We suit eachother.

During my time there I was part of the family, looked after the children when the mother worked, participated in the housework. The contact with my host mother was friendly and warm, so we were able to talk about all arising questions openly. It took a bit longer with the children’s father, but also went smoothly and we had a good rapport.
I accompanied the family to restaurants, trips and a private family party. We undertook various short  trips to the surroundings. But I also had enough time for my own activities or free time.

Naturally small children can be exhausting. I had a lot of fun with the two whirlwinds, but they also sometimes ran me a bit ragged (clearing up really is not so much fun). But that’s how it is with intelligent, curious kids.
Thus I experience a lot, which is different over there, for instance the pre-school and school structure. The cars wait in a row in front of the kindergarten and the children are fetched from there: I really had to get used to that. And having meals together were not really part of family life. But this “other lifestyle” is what I wanted to get to know – to see how I handle it, can adjust and adapt.
Altogether I had a wonderful time, we trusted each other. The parents valued my work, like fetching the children from pre-school, cooking for them or folding laundry. We just were lucky! “My American family” has grown close to my heart and we are already planning a second stay.