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Granny Rita about her stay in Ireland

"I can very well imagine accepting other Granny placements in future"

 I spent one year in Canada as an au pair when I was 19, which I liked very much.
After my children flew the nest, I searched the Internet, only to discover that I was now definitely to old for an au pair placement.
 Discouraged, I gave up, looked for a job in my profession and traveled as often as possible. While I was living abroad two years ago, my brother sent me the link to the Granny Aupair website. I love the idea, but needed some time to rearrange my life that I could create a profile and to let myself into the procedure.

Within a short space of time I received several contact requests and decided quite quickly to travel to Ireland for six months and to look after the 4 month old baby of a musician couple. I quickly got used to life in Dublin and had a good rapport with the baby from the beginning. LAnguagewise it was less difficult than expected. All announcements in the bus, road signs and official inscriptions are in ENglish and Gaelic. I drive the car for short distances but I have not got quite used to driving on the left yet.

The baby is easy to care for and little love. The family is nice and generous. I live in the loft room and was able to choose the furniture myself. For both sides it is the first Granny Aupair placement.


I found everything as described in the family's profile and discussed on the phone. My hosts are reliable and keep to agreements. I feel very safe and in good hands.

In my generous free time I go on hikes and walks nearby: In the large, specially beautiful park, to the near hills (Dublin Mountains) or I take the bus to the city centre.

I am only at loggerheads with the weather gods. IN the first month the sun shone a lot and there was not a single drop of rain. After that the rainshowers were quite a few. I think I have never drunk so much tea and whisky in my life to get warm again, like in these Irish winter months. There is mostly strong to stormy winds. But if the sun shines, a woman can live a cosy life there.