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Granny Gabriele about her stay in Australia

"I haven't laughed so much for a long time as in those three months"

I had already decided on a family in Dubai. But still took another look at the host family profiles and found the profile of the host family in Melton. It moved me very much that the 76year old grandfather (Keith) is looking after his 10 year old grandson (Luke), who also lives with him, alone. Since the boy started school, the grandfather is the sole guardian. 2 years ago the grandmother also died and thus house, farm and grandson are the grandfather's responsibilty. I quickly cntacted the family and asked for a skype. My son was also there druing the skye and we could only finde out that both of them (grandfather and grandson, including Molly the cat) were very likeable, but we could hardly understand them. "Aussie-Slang".

I was accomodated very well here. Had a bedroom on the first floor, my own bathroom and television, so I could retire whenever i liked. Luke was and is a very happy child. The grandfather Keith a very positive person. I laughed so much in those three months as I haven't for a long time. But that also had a lot to do with all the language misunderstandings. Keith often went to Melbourne with me and showed me every park and a lot of sights. We were also there at night, so that I could see possums. Which also was a highlight for Luke. Keith had a lot of fun showing me the country and its inhabitatns.

I was able to fly to Tasmania during my stay. I saw the unbelievably lovely landscape, the Tasmanian devil, Wombats, the duck billed platypus, the spiny anteater

I saw Kangaroos big and small, koalas, snakes, cockatoos and much more.