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Granny Elke about her first days in Malaysia

"The family's welcome was very warm"

Hello dear Granny-team,

I have already been here in Malaysia for nearly 4 days.
Everything went well with the flight. No problems with the stopover and the connecting flight from Istanbul to Kuala Lumpur was very pleasant. I had two seats for me alone. I could lie down and even slept tightly for around 5 hours. Thus I was also able to get through the following day. The welcome in the family was also very warm.  Felix, the four year old recognized me at once. (I had already met the family in August 2015 in Freiburg) He came running towards me, hugged and kissed me. Leo, the 2-year-old was not so happy, he had had a slight temperature for two days, but is ok again now.

After the children were in bed, I went to dinner with the parents. I was in bed at last at midnight. At that time I had been up and about for 32 hours - if I deduct the 5 hours sleep on the plane.

As the little one was not allowed in kindergarten the next day, we spent a nice morning together up to his nap. Felix went to his music lesson after Kindergarten. Following that we painted balloons with lots and lots of colour. A huge mess, the floor was just as painted as the three of us. No problem for the floor (white marble, easy to clean) and not for us. After a thorough shower we were presentable again.

My "new home" (the house as such) is very big. My own room is big enough for three (!).
The weather is as one could wish for: blue sky with a few clouds now and again. Temperature: 32 degrees-. You don't need warm water to shower, as the "cold" water is warm enough. On the following day we captured the pool together. Today we also splashed and horsed around for around two hours. I also use the pool every evening for going to bed. I've already done this today and as I write this I am sitting at the edge of the pool and letting my legs dangle in the water.