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Granny Ursula blogs about her stay in the USA

"It was great!"

To summarize: It was great!

88 days have passed and I am home again. It was a great time with Peter, Dylan and Chloe. I could see and experience a lot of America. The small family welcomed and fully integrated me from the beginning. I just felt at home. What had to be accomplished? Physically not or hardly demanding. Emotional challenges, not always easy, but manageable. The one week back packing tour inbetween was good for me. Languagewise there were hardly any problems, as the children spoke German as good or as bad as my English. This complemented eachother beautifully and banging on the table is understandable in all languages. "What does it mean?" was an often used sentence on both sides. From the children's side, always when they did not want to understand something. "Chloe, räum Dein Zimmer auf!" "What does it mean?" Peter enjoyed speaking German. He did everything to make my stay enjoyable and interesting and he really managed this. Thank you, Peter. And the weather. Three months of sunshine and in part extreme heat. Rain mostly only at night. OK, the heat limited some activities, but I enjoyed sitting in the shade and reading, regardless of the temperature. I am now being asked often: "Would you do this again?" And the answer is: "Yes!" There are so many beautiful countries I haven't seen yet and a lot of families looking for a Granny. I will stay in contact with Peter, Dylan and Chloe and hope to see them soon again in Germany. 

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