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Granny Bobby talks about her stay in Dubai

"I find it very enriching"


I am flying to Dubai again tomorrow and am returning shortly before Christmas.

In Dubai I am staying with the D. family. There I look after Noah, who is now six years old and started school in September.  Noah leaves home every morning at 6.45 and returns at around 15.45. Mostly he returns very hungry and I already cooked for him or had something prepared. After that we read a bit, wrote and did maths, then we went down to the park. There he met friends and they played together. 2x a week he went to Baseball for an hour. Nicole, Noah's mother returned at around 18:30 from the office and we made supper together or went out for dinner. At 20:00 was time for Noah to go to bed. 

At the weekends we always went on excursions: We were at the zoo, at the beach, shopping or travelled to Abu Dhabi or in another country of the Emirates.

As  I have a lot of leisure time I do trips on my own and explore Dubai.

In the  house we have a large pool on the rooftop and below it a gym with sauna etc. I sped at least an hour there every morning and feel like newly born afterwards.

I find it very enrichting that I can support the family and am very happy that I could build a very friendly relationship with Nicole. The husband works in Riad and only comes to visit irregularly at the weekends, so that Nicole, Noah and I spend a lot of time together.

I am looking forward to landing in Dubai again on Friday morning!

Love, Bobby