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Greetings from a mother from Dublin

"Every day we are grateful anew"

Dear Granny Aupair-Team,

you have sent us a jewel with Gisela. She has a great way of dealing with our children and supports us very much. Every day we are grateful anew.

We appreciate it because we have also experienced that it can be different. That there are Grannies who have or get no access to children and unfortunately have other motives than to get involved in this "Granny" adventure .

We have learned that you may have to ask the questions differently in the preliminary talks, hoping to get a feeling for the importance of children for the Granny. Let's see if we can do this in the future. We remain confident and positive.

For this year we are growing together with Gisela and learn from and with each other. She is discovering our city with different eyes, which is an incredible enrichment for all of us and has a wonderful time with our boys.

Tomorrow we will set off for Germany and visit our Granny from 2017. She is looking forward to it and wrote to us "You can use my apartment and my garden. You may feel as much at home here as I did with you." This warms our hearts and we looking forward to seeing her again.

We thank you for your work.

Best wishes from Dublin, Ivonne R.