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Newsletter Grannies - A few useful tips for Granny Aupairs

Newsletter Grannies - A few useful tips for Granny Aupairs

Newsletter Grannies - A few useful tips for Granny Aupairs

Dear Ladies,

Today, October 1st is the International Day of Older Persons! Additionally on this day we are celebrating that the Granny Aupair community is growing steadily again! And more and more countries are easing their travel restrictions, so that Grannies can travel to a larger number of countries again. To ensure that your search will quickly lead to your dream destination or family, we want to pass on a few useful tips we have accumulated in the course of our eleven years experience.

1. Profile complete?
A profile should give a good overview and be easily understandable and readable for the families. Please avoid long rambling texts and unnecessary  repetitions. You can write something about yourself in the free text fields. Ideally in English and a second language (the Google or Deepl translator can help here). Not every family can speak perfect English for instance.

2. Uploaded photos?
Please upload a couple of nice photos in your profile. Please remember that often the whole family including the children choose a Granny (and vice versa). Varied images in various contexts (for instance with pets, own grandchildren, doing hobbies etc.) are certainly helpful to let families have a first impression. Profiles without photos are not looked at so often.

3. Profile up to date?
Please keep your profile up to date, to avoid disappointments. If you have found a family and do not want to send or receive further contact requests, please deactivate your profile under profile settings. If you are looking for a further family for a later date, please change the date of your possible arrival.

4. Dates don’t fit? 
You can contact the families as long as their profiles are visible, even if their entries (like date prefered of Granny arrival) seem to be in the past. If you like the look of families, but their entries like length of stay and date of arrival do not tally with your wishes, we still recommend getting in touch. Often something has changed and many members look for several Grannies following one another. Many things are negotiable and asking questions does not cost anything.

5. Active enough?
Make the best out of your membership and be active. The more actively you seek contacts, the greater your chances will be of a successful placement.

6. Received a contact request?
If you have received a contact request, try to reply as soon as possible, even if you give a refusal. You are welcome to write a reason for this.

7. Agreed on expectations and requirements?
Search with heart and mind - before you commit to a family, you should agree on the essential conditions of your time together. That way, there will be no unwelcome surprises later and both sides know what they have to expect.

8. Personal attitude checked? A Granny should be treated like a family member - that is, like a temporary grandmother - and integrated into family life. And vice versa, the Granny should not try to impose her way of life and views on the family. Tolerance, politeness and kindness are important - and this applies to both sides!

9. Found a family?
When you have found a family, please send us a short e-mail or give us a call and tell us, where you are going and from when. By doing so, you help us to keep the community up to date.

And one more thing: Granny Aupair is a little adventure for everyone involved. Many wonderful opportunities to learn from each other lie in the encounter. Au Pair translates as „reciprocal“ and it is in this sense that we would like the encounters to take place. Below we present two families who would like to welcome a Granny Aupair in the near future. And more families can be found on our community. Maybe your dream-family is among them?

Very best wishes on this special day for older people

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team


Searching Companion for older couple in London 

London fascinates with its infinite diversity: people of all nationalities, religions and skin colours, plus a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a village feeling in immediate vicinity. Here an older couple (88 and 83) with a dog is looking for a companion, ideally with a driving license and who likes to cook, via their daughter (user name Marcia S.). The former barrister and his wife enjoy conversations, walks, spending time with grandchildren. The companion would be needed for about 3-4 hours, helping with food preparation, some light housework, helping with the dog and – ideally, driving them to appointments.  They are looking for someone with life experience who has initiative, kindness and the sort of common sense that comes with maturity. A large room with private bath is waiting for the Granny. The travel costs will be taken over in part. 

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City of Bridges in Pennsylvania