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Newsletter Families - Flexible childcare with Granny Aupair

Newsletter Families - Flexible childcare with Granny Aupair

Newsletter Families - Flexible childcare with Granny Aupair

Dear Families,

In the past, you could often find several generations living under one roof. If the parents had to work, the grandparents looked after the little ones. Unfortunately, things are often different nowadays: Employees have to become more and more flexible in order to get ahead in their jobs – but that this also requires adaptable childcare is a real problem, especially for single parents.  

You can achieve flexible childcare with a Granny Aupair: she not only babysits, but practically replaces a family member. So you can relax and take care of your job while knowing your offspring are in good hands: Grannies magic up delicious food, help with schooling, play, sing, do handicrafts and romp with the little ones, comfort and cheer them up, take them for walks and much more. In short, they are life-experienced, clever women who are hardly strangers to children's problems – from the little ones’ painful teething to broken hearts with teenagers. 

The women who sign up for Granny Aupair take their future into their own hands. They fulfill their ideal image of being a Granny with another family. They have zest and the knowledge of how to deal with children, and above all they bring time and pleasure to the task. Full of enthusiasm, they also make really flexible childcare possible – just like a real grandma would do. And while you as parents can reassuredly take care of your job, you know that the granny is there for your children not just out of a sense of duty or for money, but of her own free will and with all her heart.

At the moment, around 40 Grannies are looking for a nice family whom they can support with advice and assistance. For example, multilingual Granny Christine, who would like to immerse herself in another culture for a few months and (if so wished) bring the German language closer to the family. Or Granny Sonja, who would like to support a family or work as a companion (more about Christine and Sonja below).

Very best wishes from 

your Michaela Hansen und your Granny Aupair-Team



Active and open-minded: Granny Christine

Multilingual Granny Christine (username: Canderson) is very much looking forward to meeting new people and discovering new places. The 58-year-old Swiss national is also a teacher of German as a foreign language and has a variety of hobbies, including cooking, baking, handicrafts, hiking and sports.  

The mother of grown-up children, who is interested in countries around the world, writes in her profile: "What interests me in particular is being in a new place for a longer period of time, which I haven’t experienced yet in this form. To have time for the new family, the new environment and to immerse myself in the new culture - and of course, if so wished, to teach the beautiful German language to children as well as adults."

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Versatile and fit – Granny Sonja