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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Questions and Answers

But how does Granny Aupair work? In our FAQs you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is the Placement Procedure?

It takes just three steps to find a Granny. And here is how it works:

  1. Register free of charge!
    Now you can log into the secure area and browse through our database of Grannies with no obligation.
  2. Become a Member!
    As soon as our account is credited with the membership fee you can make full use of the service of Granny Aupair
  3. Find your “Good Soul”!
  4. As a member of Granny Aupair you can now get in touch with the Grannies. Our Grannies can then also view your profile and contact you. You decide who may see your contact details. Write, phone or skype in detail with the Grannies that you would like to host. Is the chemistry right? If so, a substitute Granny will soon add to your family or project!

Is there a contract?

Granny Aupair connects people around the world. It is a personal agreement between you and the Granny, which is concluded without a formal contract or legally binding obligations. If the chemistry is not right, the Granny may leave at any time. Or, conversely, you can also ask the Granny to end her stay at any time.

How much does the placement of a Granny cost?

Your free registration allows you to take your time and browse comfortably and as often as you like through our database of families and others. When you have found an interesting profile you should become a member in order to make full use of our service.

You can choose between

  • 3 months one-off payment = 65 €/month
    (total amount € 195 payable on begin of membership)
  • 6 months one-off payment = 45€/month
    (total amount € 270 payable on begin of membership)
  • 12 months one-off payment = 35€/month
    (total amount € 420 payable on begin of membership)

Our pricing structure grants you and our families the best possible service and your data is prevented from falling into the wrong hands. We have only serious offers!

How much do we have to pay the Granny?

In principle, there is no payment. The idea of au pair is based on reciprocity. We are not an employment agency, but focus on cultural exchange and the integration of a Granny in a family. If you would like to pay her an allowance, or the Granny considers some remuneration for her work appropriate, you should discuss it and reach an agreement.

What if things do not work out between us?

We recommend exchanging opinions extensively with the potential Granny and learn as much as possible about her. That way you can find out in advance whether you will get along well with each other. A short visit ahead of the stay may help to get a better feel for each other. Should you or the Granny or both of you realize at some point during the stay that you didn’t make the right choice, you may look for a replacement during your period of membership.

How long can the Granny stay with us?

You arrange the length of the stay individually with the Granny. Remember, however, that the Granny is on a private trip as a tourist and subject to visa requirements. Mostly our Grannies wish to stay between 2 and 12 months. Notice: Unfortunately our Grannies cannot travel officially as au pairs, as the au pair laws are age-restricted. Au pair visa can only be obtained by women up to around 28 years of age. Since the founding of Granny Aupair in 2010, we have been campaigning for a change in age limits for au pairs and have already approached various national and international authorities and institutions in this matter. Up to now the authorities have unfortunately not seen any need for action. The media has also picked up this topic. The Australian newspaper Couriermail, which interviewed us, ran a feature about this problem. We sincerely hope something will soon happen concerning this age-discriminatory and no longer up-to-date legislation (as a rule the laws came into being in the 1960ies!).

What are the things a Granny can do at our place?

Our Grannies have a lot of advantages over young au pairs: They are experienced in life, most of the women have raised their own children, they know about housekeeping, they know their strong points and their limits, they are responsible and reliable. Rest assured – your children will be in good hands! A Granny should be welcomed like a member of the family, as a temporary grandmother, and not considered a cheap domestic worker. You should not expect your Granny to do hard work for 8 hours a day - you would not demand that of your own mother, either. The Granny may for instance help with the housework, look after the children and talk with them in her mother tongue, help with their homework, prepare meals, take the children to kindergarten and pick them up. However, a Granny may also be a companion in a family with no children -  someone to talk to, to carry out errands with or attend cultural events.

Does the Granny have days off?

The Granny should have enough leisure time to spend as she pleases.

What kind of background do the Grannies have?

Our Grannies are experienced women who used to work or still work as teachers, flight attendants, child care workers, secretaries, nurses etc. They are between 45 and 75 years old, they are active and curious. They love doing useful and interesting things, they are eager to find out about other cultures and customs and they want to improve their language skills. They would like to be integrated into a family because they may not have grandchildren of their own or their grandkids live far away. For many Grannies the stay as an au pair is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream and the wishes and expectations are high. To take this step at an advanced age requires courage and does not come easy. The Grannies want appreciation and recognition in their new surroundings. We hope very much that their courage will be rewarded and they will be met with affection and understanding.

Are there any checks on the Grannies?

The Grannies – like the families - also create a detailed profile and upload photos. Both parties assure that the data provided is correct. By the membership fee we ensure indirectly that there are only serious prospects in our file. Further checks are unfortunately not possible. Therefore we recommend exchanging opinions extensively by email, Skype or over the phone. Within Europe there is the possibility of Get Acquainted meetings – if both parties wish to meet beforehand. Police clearance certificates must be requested from the Granny directly, however.

Are there any women from other countries in your database?

The number of women from England, Italy, Spain and other countries who are interested in becoming a Granny in Germany or elsewhere is steadily increasing.

Further information

You can find all necessary information on our website. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you. You can reach us by email or by phone.