All about the stay


Some families take over “their” Granny’s travel expenses

On the part of Granny Aupair only the membership fee arises for the Granny’s placement – repeat placements are also possible.

All other costs related to the stay are negotiable between you and the au pair-granny. These can be:

  • Travel expenses

    Some families take over the Granny’s travel expenses in part or completely. You can talk with the Granny beforehand if this is possible for you.

  • Pocket money

    As well as the travel expenses, pocket money is also conceivable for the au pair-granny and you should reach an agreement on this subject.

  • Board and lodging

    Board and lodging for the Granny are the responsibility of the family. The au pair-granny should have her own room. Often the bathroom is shared between the Granny and the host family.

  • Family-Activities

    For her time has an au pair, the Granny is a temporary family member. If and how she takes part in your family’s leisure activities and who bears the costs, can be determined individually.