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Der Weg zur Traum-Granny

Der Weg zur Traum-Granny

Towards your dream-Granny

The pictures above and also the Grannies we regularly introduce in our newsletters are only a few examples. Currently about 100 Grannies are looking for a family they can live with and help for a few months. You find the whole list by clicking on the turquoise box labelled "Login". Please type in your user name and password or register, if you are here for the first time. The turquoise field then no longer reads "Login" but "My area". When you click on this, a drop down menu is opened, including a field labelled "Finding a Granny". If you click on this, you arrive at this page:

Here you can enter, from which date onwards and for how long you would like to have a Granny Aupair. You can state the languages she should speak. Alternatively you can scroll through the whole list of Grannies, which is several pages long. At the end of the page reach the next page by clicking on the page number. To get in contact with a Granny you are interested in you have to become a paying member.