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Newsletter: Relaxed Summer Holidays with your Granny Aupair

Dear parents,

For most children the long summer holidays, are the highlight of the year – having long lie ins, playing and spending loads of time with their parents. But only a small percentage of working parents can get leave for the whole holiday period. But what to do with the children for the rest of the holidays? Happy are those, who then have a Granny Aupair. Start looking for your temporary Granny now, so that you and your family can spend a relaxed summer!

And please take advantage of our Happy Birthday jubilee offer, which is still valid until the end of February. Just come and take a look at www.granny-aupair.com – maybe you will find your ideal Granny there. 

Best wishes

Your Granny Aupair-Team



Fantastic Jubilee Prices for the whole of February


5 years of Granny Aupair! We want to thank you for your loyality and your trust with our jubilee prices:


  • 12-month membership
    Now only19,90 Euros instead of previously 29,90 Euros per month
    (Total amount 238,80 Euros instead of 358,50 Euros)
    You save over 30%!


  • 6-month membership
    Now only 29,90 Euros instead of previously 39,90 Euros per month
    (Total amount 179,40 Euro instead of 239,40 Euro)
    You save 25%!


  • 3-month membership
    Now only 49,90 Euros instead of previously 59,90 Euros per month
    (Total amount 149,70 Euro instead of 179,70 Euros)
    You save 17%!


The offer is only available until the end of February 2015 in our community. Please understand that we cannot grant the discount retroactively.

Granny Doris Anna

Life starts at 66 – this is also the motto of Granny Doris Anna. The open-minded business economist is very fond of children and would like to come to a family in an English speaking country for three months. 

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Granny from Switzerland

The Granny with the user name Tschutt has already spent time as a Granny Aupair in the US. She liked her time with the family so much, that the 70 year old Swiss is drawn abroad again. The likeable and flexible pensioner is available again as from summer.

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