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Newsletter - Happy Birthday Granny Aupair - celebrate with us

Dear family, dear Granny,

Granny Aupair is celebrating its birthday – celebrate with us! Open-minded, visionary, adventurous, constructive and restless – according to numerology these are the characteristics of the number 5. We think they are a perfect fit for our birthday child: Nearly exactly five years ago Michaela Hansen implemented her visionary idea to send women over fifty abroad as au pairs. She is a pioneer in this field, as at that time no agency of this kind existed. Her appeal: „Get off the couch and off into the world!“ has now been followed by over 1,000 women.

To thank you for your loyalty and affinity we want to give you a present: On becoming a member in February we will gift you 10 Euros for each membership-month. For example for a twelve-month membership this would be a total of 120 Euros, making you save more than 30% compared to the regular price! (More on this below.)

We are looking forward to the next 5 years - together with you - and wish all Granny Aupairs and families a wonderful time with many interesting encounters!

Your Michaela Hansen and your Granny Aupair-Team


Fantastic Jubilee Prices for the whole of February

5 years of Granny Aupair – we want to thank you for your loyality and your trust with our jubilee prices:


  • 12-month membership
    Now only 19,90 Euros instead of previously 29,90 Euros per month (Total amount 238,80 Euros instead of 358,50 Euros)
    You save over 30%!

  • 6-month membership
    Now only 29,90 Euros instead of previously 39,90 Euros per month
    (Total amount 179,40 Euro instead of 239,40 Euro)
    You save 25%!

  • 3-month membership
    Now only 49,90 Euros instead of previously 59,90 Euros per month
    (Total amount 149,70 Euro instead of 179,70 Euros)
    You save 17%!

The offer is available from now until the end of February 2015 in our community. Please understand that we cannot grant the discount retroactively. HOWEVER:

Naturally we are not leaving our members, whose membership is still currently valid, empty-handed. On request we are happy to extend free of charge your membership by one month.* Just let us know.

* The extension is only possible as a direct follow-up of your regular membership. It cannot “stored” up or used for a later date.