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Newsletter - How to find your Dream Family

Start looking

In the newsletter we always introduce you to new families but these are by far not all who are currently looking for a Granny. You can find these listed on our homepage after you have logged in.

This is very simple: You log in with your user name and password and thus reach “Your area”. When you click in the subitem „Find a family“, you will reach the page shown below.


On this page you can narrow down the countries where you want to search. Enter the date when you could arrive and how long you would like to stay. You can even select or exclude languages. Thus only the seeking families are displayed that are in line with your requirements. If you do not have specific notions, you can also view the whole multi-pagelist: Currently more than fifty families from all over the world are looking for a Granny, and more interested parties are being added constantly. Do not be discouraged there are no offers appealing to you at the moment - that may change tomorrow. So check back regularly!


Images interest more


When creating your profile, you can upload images. If you then put a checkmark next to "Private Pictures", the photos will only appear on your profile blurred.Then they can only been seen clearly by the families who contact you and whose contact requests you have confirmed. Since a photo gives a great first impression, we recommend not to set the check mark or to remove it, if you have set it. Thus interested visitors of your profile can already see you smiling clearly.


Keep updated

For a placement to go smoothly, it is important to keep your profile up to date. For instance if the preferred date of your departure changes, you should also change it in your profile so that interested families can immediately see this information. You can access your profile anytime and make any changes that seem important to you. If you have found a family, please let us know - we are always interested in where our Grannies go, and can thus quickly update the website.