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Newsletter Grannies - Discover the greatest sight worth seeing


Dear reader,

What did author Kurt Tucholsky write: The greatest sight to see is the world – take a look at it! In this sense – Granny Aupair connects people around the world. As a Granny Aupair you have the unique opportunity to discover the lifestyle of a foreign country and to learn its language – with free board and lodging. Get indepth insights into a culture’s soul a normal tourist cannot glimpse. There are so many good reasons to take the step! All around the world families are looking for a loving Granny Aupair, who can support them.

Art, culture and sights galore can be found in Brussels on every corner. Additionally cozy alleys, charming cafes and restaurants invite you to stroll along and enjoy. In the midst of the bustling metropolis, this seven-headed international large family is looking for a loving French speaking temporary Granny as soon as possible to help them look after the five children, preferably for a year.

Sunny weather, sprawling beaches, a pulsating nightlife and 7,000 years of fascinating history – there is a lot to discover on the island state of Malta. The islands’ culture received a fascinating variety through the various influence in the course of history. From the beginning of February this English speaking family with two daughters is looking forward to an experienced temporary Granny.

And on the other side of the Atlantic, the White House, the Capitol and Congress as well as many interesting museums are waiting to be explored. Near the US American capital, in the historic small town of Bethesda with a large international community, a further large family with five children is also looking for a Granny Aupair as from now for three months.

You can find further information about these three families below. We only present a few of our many families in our newsletter. For more family profiles just take a look at our website at

Best wishes from

Michaela Hansen and your Granny Aupair-Team


Center of Europe


For their five children aged between 8 and nearly one year this multilingual family from Belgium (user name Gabrielle et Jérôme) is looking for a loving, patient Granny as from now, who can give the parents a hand. The Granny should have knowledge in French and a driving license and also be prepared to stay a bit longer. A large room in a lovely house in the midst of Brussels is awaiting the Granny. The travel costs will be taken over completely. 

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Sunny Isle of Malta


On this beautiful island state, with its rich cultural history this English speaking family (user name: TrudyPicco) would like to welcome a responsible temporary Granny to help look after their two daughters as from the beginning of February. The Granny, who should also have a driving license, would have time until the afternoons to discover the beautiful surroundings or visit a language course. The Granny would have a lovely big room with an own bathroom. The travel costs will be taken over completely

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Near Washington D.C.


This German-Spanish family (user name falco) from Bethesda, Maryland, is looking forward to a loving temporary Granny for the two girls and three boys between 9 and 1 years of age as from the beginning of February. A bit of support is needed particularly before the school run and in the afternoon.English, German and Spanish is spoken in the family and the Granny should also have a driving license. A beautiful room with a private bathroom in a large house in the outskirts will be provided. The travel costs will be taken over completely. 

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New: Granny Exclusive Language Club


If you learn a language abroad and in direct exchange with the local people you may rapidly notice significant progress and be able to learn more actively and multi-faceted due to the cultural influence. To make this exciting experience easier for you, we habe sourced partner language schools in various countries to suit you and Granny Aupair.

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