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Newsletter Grannies - The Art of Letting Go

Dear Granny,

many of us resolve to start anew at the end of the year, but then do not dare to take the decisive step. And yet good resolutions are a very good means of steering the ship of life in a new direction. Changes are hard work sometimes, but also glean the appropriate reward. A new start also entails the art of letting go.

Such as leaving the comfort zone, in order to live in a totally different culture, another surroundings and learn a new language, for instance as Granny Aupair. With Granny Aupair you can start anew and fulfill your dream of living abroad.

Our program is also open for younger women, who are planning a sabbatical or some time off. As a Granny Aupair you have the unique chance to discover the lifestyle of another country with free board and lodging in foreign countries near or far and to learn another language. There are so many good reasons to dare to take this step! And: Nothing takes more years off than an injection of new beginnings, not even Botox!  

Today we once again want to introduce you to two families, who would like to welcome a loving temporary Granny in the new year: Wide juicy meadows, deep blue sky and soaring mountains: On the beautiful sunny Mieming Plateau in Austrian Tirol you can enjoy the great recreational opportunities to the fullest. Whether hiking, biking, golfing or water sports there is something for everybody. In this idyllic setting, this small family (Mum and eight year old daughter) is looking for a Granny, who loves children and animals as from January, who can lend them a hand.

In the beautiful Swiss alpine upland, near Lake Zurich and in view of stunning mountains, lies the village of Schuebelbach. With a huge local recreational area offering hiking, riding and many cultural events, the site belongs to a group of villages between Zurich and Chur. Here this family of five (girl, 4 and 2 boys aged 3 and 1) are looking for a loving temporary Granny who enjoys a rural lifestyle as soon as possible.

We only introduce you to selected families from our long list in our newsletters. For more families please take a look at our website: www.granny-aupair.com 

Season’s Greeting from your

Michaela Hansen and yourGranny Aupair Team



Sunny Plateau in Austria

In the idyllic townlet of Mieming this small family (user name Dorothea Greve) is looking for a responsible temporary Granny, who loves children and animals as from January. The single mum is looking forward to a bit of help with eight year old Sara. While Sara is in school until the afternoon, it would be nice if the Granny could take walks with the two family dogs or do a bit of shopping. The family would love to welcome a loving Granny Aupair, who would not mind cooking in the evenings from time to time. A lovely room with an own bathroom in a large house in beautiful surroundings is waiting for the Granny. The travel costs will be taken over completely.

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Swiss Alpine Upland

In the village of Schübelberg near Lake Zurich, this family of five (user name Rosy) is looking for a lovely Granny Aupair, who would enjoy living in rural surroundings with horses. The little girl is in kindergarten a couple of mornings and afternoons a week, and the little boys are at home. The family is looking forward to welcoming someone with life experience. A nice room in a large apartment is waiting for the Granny. The travel costs will be taken over partially. 

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