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Newsletter Families - Mother-in-Law, temporary Granny or loving friend?


Dear Family,


Having a Granny in the house, definitely brings some relief - one does not have to worry about the offspring all the time and can clear the head for other tasks. Yet many young parents shy away from the thought of contacting a Granny: What if you do not get along with each other? After all, women of this age have a lot of experience, will they listen to a younger person?

These fears are understandable but mostly unnecessary. Grannies especially know from their long life experience that everyone is different. They are well-mannered and polite and adapt to the new situation, but nevertheless are a breath of fresh air for your family. A new person in the house always means some change. But you can determine from the outset whether this change will be positive or negative: Talk to each other on the phone or via Skype, and swap ideas and experiences via email. Thus you will quickly find out if you match. There is no right or wrong: Who does not seem to fit into one family, might be ideal for another.

Obviously it would be perfect if you could arrange a meeting preceding the Granny’s arrival. Thus you can get to know each other and find out if the chemistry is right. If this is not possible, don’t worry: The stay is completely voluntary on both sides, and may be terminated at any time. With this license in mind you can confidently embark on the Granny adventure and find out how this support can change your life. In many cases the Granny turns out to be a motherly friend who will be an asset not only for the children but also for the parents. 

At the moment around 80 Grannies among others from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain are looking for a nice family, whom they can support with life experience and verve. For instance like the sporty Granny Susanne, who is open for all kinds of countries or Granny Marianne, who would like to visit an English speaking country.

Best wishes from

Michaela Hansen and your Granny Aupair Team




Open-minded and active: Granny Susanne


Granny Susanne (user name: Susannema), who loves cooking, baking, crafting and sports, would like to support a family, ideally with children, who are a bit older, as from October 2016. The 64 year old former chemical engineer has already lived abroad for some time and would like to repeat this positive experience. She is looking forward to living together harmoniously, getting to know the country and its people, engaging with the children and supporting the parents.

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Enterprising and adaptable: Granny Marianne


Granny Marianne (user name: Marianne0106) has also been bitten by the travel bug. The 61 year old secretary would like to travel to an English speaking country for about four months as from mid-April. The Granny, who loves playing and crafting with children, is looking forward to the Granny Aupair adventure and to supporting a nice family in another country. 

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 More nice Grannies



Tip: Please keep your profile up-to-date (preferred date of arrival etc.) And please answer contact requests as soon as possible – even if you have already found your dream Granny. Please give the other Grannies a short polite refusal or ask them if they could come at a later date.



I ❤ Granny Aupair - spread the word!


Do you like Granny Aupair? Then we would be happy if you’d like to invite your friends or other families to get to know Granny Aupair. It’s well-known that a recommendation from friends is the best advertisement.

We would be pleased to mail you our multilingual poster to print out and put up in your school or nursery. Or we can compile a small information package for you (poster and printed bilingual folder), and send this to you by post.

We look forward to hear from you at

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Our Service for busy Families

Would you like to have a Granny Aupair? But have only little time, or do not want to search yourself and/or have the wish to stay completely anonymous? No problem!
We will help you find your temporary Granny!

  • We advise you personally

  • Create your profile on request following consultation (only in English or German)

  • Send your search request to our newsletter subscribers (also to non-members)

  • Handle the initial contact to the applicants

  • Further the contact requests to you

  • You decide which Granny you want to contact

  • Everything further you can discuss directly and personally with the selected Grannies. As in the end the new family member has to fit in with you and not with us.

  • If the chemistry and everything else is right, your temporary Granny can arrive!

Our offer for a singular placement: 149 Euros plus completion of a membership.

Are you interested? Give us a call or send us an e-mail! We are looking forward to hearing from you!



Any questions? Just call us: 0049(0)40 87976140

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